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@chaton said in Second Update is live!:

  • Mission Editor: Removed the option to set Doors, Consoles, Turrets and Rubble as indestructible

I understand that Consoles, Turrets and Rubble can be destructible, but why the Doors ? We lost some tactical options with this update 😞
How do we force the use of a console to open a door if they are all destructible ?
Is it because the AI currently doesn't handle doors linked to consoles and gather stupidly in front of them ?
We lost the only way to simulate the bulkhead door as we have in the boardgame...

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About the first campaign mission after the tutorial, something is really frustrating.

There are two goals :

  • main goal : extract 2 guys
  • secondary goal : extract the sergent

If you extract 2 guys before the sergent, the mission end and you failed the secondary goal, even if your sergent is still alive... which is quite disappointing as you loose some rewards.

Suggestion: in that case let us continue the mission to give us a chance to extract the sergent too. If the sergent die, the mission is still a success but not the secondary objective.

Currently this premature end is frustrating for the player.

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So, less than one month before the game's release : did someone have some news about the beta ?

@Netheos what means for you the words "a few weeks" we can read in the steam store page:
"Gamers who pre-order their Space Hulk: Tactics Steam PC key now before release will not only get 20% off, they will also receive:
Multiplayer Beta access a few weeks before launch"
Perhaps it's about time, no ? 😉

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