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Edit: whoops looks like we have now submitted two reports. Apologies for the double up!

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Hi Team!
We have now had two drawn matches in our quarterfinals which drew during the first 16 turns and did not proceed to overtime. The matches were individually set up as knockout best of three with no draws allowed.

The two matches with this error were:
The N@ked and Lamest v Blighttown Face-punchers on 20/01/18
Polar Express v Fangsverymuch on 21/01/18

I am one of the league admins not a player so can't get you the source file but the replays look to be there and presumably you can view the match set up to see if we made any errors in the match settings.


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+1 please. I know that myself and others also read the forum via our phones. Having topics bolded* or some other signal that they are unread would be great.

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The page load times are pretty shockingly slow compared to the other forum 😐 hope it changes soon.

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