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Thank you 4 keeping us up to date.

As I wrote in the technical area:

Please add a feature to reduce the general strength of the steering wheel on PS4 (maybe on XBOX and PC too)
I know there is no force feedback in planning. Driving with steering wheel is awesome in this game, but my Thrustmaster T150 is breaking turn movements with full force and after some time my arms get tired and will hurt.

A feature to shift gears with the paddles would be awesome too (you can't drive ans switch gears with controllers right stick simultaniously)

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This is no bug - This is a feature...

Take a look at your manufacturers compatibility list.
Example here:
They know that there is (will be) no Force Feedback.
If you think about it: The Driving wheel would rumble non-stop until it gets broken...

Dear Developers:
I have no problem with no Force Feedback, but please please please add an option in settings to set the general force (resistance) of the Force Feedback. Steering with full force is extremly hard for my son and after a few hours for me too.

PS: Shifting with paddles only would be awesome. Alternatively using paddles to switch the automatic driving gears (like right controller stick) Stepwise gears to switch: R - 1.1 - 1.2 - 1.3 - A - +1