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@iyagovos So where can we get information about what is going on? Why no match making in NA? I get 90ms ping to EU servers but they are still terribly laggy. sda The thing is unplayable and I want your game to be playable cuz the concept is cool AF!

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Does anyone involved in development care at all about the first impressions people get from playing this thing you called a "beta test". I can't even find any information about the current state of the game. I can get on to EU from NA but there are not enough NA players to populate. So no matches seem to be made. Can't you see that on the dev side? I can't even find anyone streaming what looks like playable content on Twitch.
It seems like the community moderators and such are just ignoring the problem. I was hyped for this game. Seems like a cool concept but it is just not executed in a playable manner. If you guys have just given up, throw in the towel publicly and shut down. Otherwise I would suggest taking down this travesty with some apologies and explanations and work on it some more. People trying to navigate a broken game for 3 or 4 days is just hurting the actual release of what could be a cool game.