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I have 3 fleets on a system, yet when the battle starts only 3 LCs and some escorts from those fleets show up, despite me also having 2 Cruisers on those fleets.

This is incredibly frustrating as I try to fight off superior fleets with my mediocre ships while I wait for one of them to die (and potentially lose an admiral because for some reason admiral ships always show up) so the rest of the fleet can show up.

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While I do understand that the main focus of the game is multiplayer, and the devs have a new campaign on the works I still sorely miss the old skirmish mode from BFGA1.

The current progression feels soulless, and the only reason to care about your ships being destroyed are point values. I miss getting new cruisers and developing them throughout missions.

I understand that the game has changed fundamentally so that things like Favors and Skills could no longer be implemented as they used to, but I still think this is doable with the game as it stands.

Right now single-players have very little to do besides the campaigns and some random skirmish matches, and considering the campaign seems to be bugged to me atm all I can do is play non-consecuential, albeit fun matches against the AI.

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I know of a community that still gathers together to play Stellar Impact, let me know if you want me to give you the contact of them.