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@suade There used to be a bit more communication in the beta days but it still wasn’t a ton mostly just the mods were a little more vocal. That had all dried up for the most part although I have been replied to and seen a few replies from a few mods as of recent so it seems to have picked up even if just a little. I have been told on several occasions that the devs read everything put in these forums I can not state that this is actually true but all I can say is if it has been posted especially more than once than either they have read it and they don’t see it working in the game or they may try to fit it in at some point in time that is all I can tell you but hey keep posting and making new topics if you want them seen. I suggest Insurgency>General Discussion for suggestions and ideas and >Technical Feedback for issues/problems. Hope that was any help!

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@tooth-decay I hear that and I don’t disagree with a thing you said there. Occupy was just my fav game mode with respawns and Ambush my fav without. Occupy in my mind would just give that feel again of tighter play and combat (despite the larger maps) that I sometimes miss from the first INs as I only played push every now and then and usually only on one server that had a max player count of 40-48 people I don’t remember which number it was (it did exist lol). Ambush is by far my most played mode as I just tend to take game modes with no repsawns much more serious regardless of the fact im just playing for fun. That being said I had one or two servers in my favourites that at least quite often played Occupy which I found much more intense than push for the simple fact it felt much less spread out at times. A new game mode would be nice though but unfortunately for me and the direction they seem to be going I prefer the tighter play of smaller maps and Sandstorms are quite large. You obviously get that tight CQB sometimes from push in SS but also much more running sim than INs:S. I have been adjusting and I’ve had some fun but obviously getting quite sick of push and Comp is a complete joke to me for reason I have expressed in other posts and will not revisit now...

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Wellll still waiting on this patch but in the meantime all my RL buddies who don’t own PC’s are all getting Anthem (Xbox) apparently so guess I might as well grab a copy for my XB1X...

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@kean_1 Ya I really do appreciate your updates just kinda wish a certain “somebodies” might tell us a kinda certain date... Call me greedy and or impatient. No seriously go ahead I don’t care..! Lol

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Tuesday night at 6pm ET would be a perfect time for the patch lol. I’m just tossing that out there! Or early Wednesday morning?? Juuust sssprayin...

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Just wondering if maybe possibly hopefully a Mod/Dev would be so kind as to share a little info on if there is any possibility we may see the return of game modes “Ambush” and “Occupy”... Would absolutely love to see these and once again just wondering if anyone has even the slightest info on wether or not these may find their way into the game. Much appreciated! #VIPLIVESMATTER

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I think reflective damage should be off all together. It is stupid and unrealistic in a game they boast as being a realistic highly lethal video game yet add “COD” features like this that totally take away from the immersion. Hey I want people who abuse the system and teamkill for no good reason to be punished with a good system in place for that as much as the next guy but im just saying reflective damage is stupid as hell. When I shoot a teammate by accident (happens very rarely) I always apologize and feel bad about it but if the damage is returned upon me it pisses me right off and makes me want to quit the match because that’s extremely silly and unrealistic in a game that is supposed to be such. I would also like to add that if a teammate shoots me by accident I do not get mad unless it’s obviously not a mistake but I do at least expect an apology. Only takes a second... Otherwise DEVS remove the “realistic” and “highly lethal” part of the games headline? Pretense? or what ever lol because we are and have been sadly stepping quite far away a from this. Im speaking in terms of a slightly less TTK then Ins source then things like less bullet damage to teammates (this one bothers me much less) but then we get to the addition of Reflective Damage and some people wanting FF to be removed all together (god forbid) etc... Just MO.

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@chaoswillrise I will just say I agree with most of what you have said. Don’t care about the women part... Just wanted to say though in regards to smaller CQB maps this is why I have suggested they bring back the game mode “OCCUPY”. If you do not know what this is do a little research on it. It’s a nice little game mode from the older Insurgency where two teams fight to hold one Obj... so if placed in a tight quarters part of all the maps it will definitely give you the feeling your looking for. I for one loved this game mode being my favourite out of respawnable game modes. So pass it along lol we need occupy back.

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