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As said. i have noticed some truly appalling play recently. I am very happy to see new players but perhaps a little walk through and play by play would be useful for new players. Something simple introducing them to basic tactics and game mechanics. For example, Capturing vs stalemate vs blocking vs losing. The fact that stalemate is when there are equal players on either side on the point and that blocking is that there are less players on one team than the other and must be killed to finish cap etc etc etc.

That single shot at range is better than automatic. Or that holding reload will check your ammo count.

Even if these are short videos or tutorials for currency. I think these would be very useful for newer players or players having a hard time getting to grips with the mechanics.

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@snakelegionnaire I noticed something similar.

For me it was that after a couple of good rounds or rounds I performed particularly well in, 0 deaths double next highest kills for example, suddenly id be faced with bots head shotting me from across the map with a pistol. Or spottng a bot at my 12 and getting killed before I can even ADS.

Feels like a feature to me. Shame that if it is the way they chose to increase the difficulty is also the most lazy. At times it feels like im back in MW2 in a lobby filled with aimbots.

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So iv been experimenting with snipers recently (I mostly play coop) and made a Mk12 SPR esque build. This to me seems like the best of both worlds.

2x red dot (though I keep an extra point for the SU230)

This allows me to put little holes in heads at extended range and fast follow up shots without taking away from my room clearing ability.

I realised while playing that the G3 would be excellent in this roll.

Whats nice is that this is a build almost any class can make since the 7x scope is next to useless seeing as the zoom is far far too much for any map in this game.

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Just as the title says. I cant find when the update will be. If someone could enlighten me I would very much appreciate it!

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@mainfold Exactly! I use it as a 3 point way of getting an M4, Mk18 or M16A4 all with optics and STANAG compatibility. Means I can carry more explosives or other utility items.

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@n4thani3l Happens to me a lot. I get the feeling bots seem to weight priority on players at the start of a match. Could be that the game logs your success in previous games and adjusts the timing of bots for the player specifically. Thats what it feels like anyway. Though I very much doubt it its the impression I get.

Running nearly a 20kd in coop (not very hard really tbh) with 250 hours almost exclusively in coop.

I would love to see some of the bs removed from the AI. I might get one shot from 150m away by a dude with a pistol while theyre moving and then spectate someone whos 20m away from a bot getting shot at but never hit. Happens a lot actually.

Iv learned that the FAL is the best gun in the game where COOP is concerned. Since its generally a 1 hit one kill and with a 1.5x or 2x its hard to beat. Fantastic at long range and still a monster in CQC. Since its a one hit I find myself getting shot after taking the first shot and landing a hit happens far less often.

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@jarv Iv found the 3x is pretty good. But then again in coop I use it as a bare bones build and pick up a bots AR.

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@mainfold Not a complaint. Just asking why...

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Just as it says. Why do they cost the same? Considering the A4 is completely superior in every way.

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No, not really. At close range thats fine. But when its a freshly spawned bot in excess of 100m one shotting you through fresh smoke while you are crouched making no sound and not moving says to me it is clearly not working.

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