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I would love to see a couple more options for snipers as I think mid range semi auto sniping is the way to go in this game. At least in COOP.

An SR25 would be nice to see but there is already the EBR for a 7.62 offering. Perhaps instead of the M16 in the sniper class there could be a MK12 Mod 0? The cosmetic changes wouldnt be much work (speaking as a modeller). Slightly higher muzzle velocity and locked to semi.

What about an option for match grade ammunition? could be 1 or 2 points and gives higher muzzle velocity and penetration? This would be sniper specific of course.

Oh yeah, and why does the L85 cost so much?

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Surveys are an easy and effective way to get feedback and suggestions from the active community. I can only see good coming from it. Though I would still love a Galil.... 😛 Oh and the SKS back as a weapon for the rifleman class with insurgents...

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Instead of a resupply crate after every objective allow players to refill ammo/consumables (maybe not grenades/rockets etc) from backpacks. Youre being deployed via a truck so a large pack like that makes no sense unless it could be used for something.

Using packs could also mean potentially ditching it at an objective allowing for faster movement and a resupply point when running low on ammo, then picking it back up to move to the next objective. Or if you are so inclined allow buddy mags letting other team members resupply from the pack on your back, if they use the same calibre/weapon. Of course using packs would come with a weight cost associated with it meaning you are almost guaranteed to be over the limit until its empty or off.

Ditching supply crates could also mean the introduction of medic class/medical supplies like IFAKs and larger medical consumables. Maybe even a medic class capable of carrying multiple kits etc. This could also mean an addition of bleed out mechanics where you could die from trauma unless you apply a kit to stop said bleed.

So many possibilities could come from removing the crates and letting people carry the ammo they need for the whole round. Potentially swap classes from a destroy able ammo dump objective for example.

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This I think it one of the core problems with COOP at the moment. Ill make a few points and encourage a discourse of fors and againsts.

I think at the moment the teams we have at the moment make the game too easy. Rather than making the bots more difficult I think the teams should be smaller. Having a meaningful impact in a game with 8 or more players is hard and most of the time its 2-3 players that carry the rest.

Honestly its enough that we have to compete against the bots let alone against the team to do well and get points. I think smaller teams will encourage slower more meaningful team work and a lot more fun. I know that the games iv enjoyed the most are the ones where its been me and 3 others. Nearly out of ammo, trying to make it through this wave to get to the next objective. Potentially smaller teams could mean the introduction of medics or maybe wounding mechanics.

Smaller teams would also mean team composition would be more important. Do you take the two slots it needs to call in support or do you forgo that to get more utility in the team? etc etc.

At the very least I would like to see this as an option in the setup menu. I think this would really add some depth to the game and allow teams to gel more and learn to work together.

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experience isnt really needed to be a good commander, common sense however... Its like people have just about learned that smoke on a defence is an awful idea.

I will say this though. Your comment just now strikes me as completely opposite to your post. Seeing as you initially said to block people from rifleman until all slots were filled. When realistically they are more versatile than the breacher and gunner. If im running in a small team 4 or so people the best composition I think is 4 riflemen and a demo. Since this will counter anything you come across.

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You ever tried just asking politely? Its amazing it actually works!!! Seriously though. Or maybe if you cant get an observer or something then swap yourself to suit the teams composition. A commander is not requited at all to get the job done nice as they can be. Honestly if we were to take the commander roll as an example 99% of the people who use it do not use it well and often cause more harm than good. Other than the commander the demo is the only other class with any real utility since they can equip RPGs and the like. Any other class really just allows you to select other weapons. For example the gunner class is awesome at mid range but how many objectives are CQC pretty much all of them, and the gunner is not a good class for CQC since the recoil and hip fire is bad. Breacher is not really special at all bar the C4/IED but cannot really be used in mid to long range engagements effectively.

Honestly if you had to objectively rank the classes in terms of flexibility the Infantry class would be in the top half, arguably above Adviser since the infantry class get bi pods on some weapons which really is a very good attachment.

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You can make a lovely sniper class (security) with the rifleman if one is already taken. Or if you fancy that type of play. Or even a pseudo machine gunner class for insurgents.

Sniper is basically a MK12 SPR.

M16A4 + optic of your choosing

With this I manage to get between 30-50% head shots in COOP.

The pseudo MG is

AKM whatever optic you want
Drum/extended mag

This is just a lovely do-it-all class that allows for a huge amount of flexibility. Deployed you can make very accurate single shots or in a good position make very effective use of automatic fire. Aim time is vastly better than any MG as is the reload, movement speed and hip fire. I would take the this AKM build over any MG.

Iv found that the bipod is actually one of the best attachments for my play style. Since im either close enough to not see the benefit of a vert grip or so far away automatic fire is pointless (not that its particularly useful anyway, especially when firing without any support)

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I like this idea.

I dislike that I have 4 pistol mags with a heavy carrier when I would swap two of them for an extra grenade or flash in a heart beat.

This would mean adjusting loadouts would take longer but if we could do that outside the game it would be fixed. I really like the idea of tinkering with a load out so its just right. For example I find it frustrating only having 3 box mags for an MG when I could really be carrying more. Same if I was using a sniper, I could carry less primary ammo in exchange for more sidearm mags.

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@jballou Its a new addition. My comment came before the tutorial was implemented. But was no doubt thought of and being made before I made said comment.

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