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Despoiler's heavy hangars still counts as simple hangars on beta.

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Its not a pulsar buff if you increasing their cost. Right now the difference between Shadow and Vaul is 71 point which is huge. For 71 point you loosing two cannons with 3 dps each, but gaining 3 pulsars which is harder to use and have 5.25 AP dps each. Also Aurora light cruiser is only 21 point cheaper then Shadow. Now you can take 4 vauls or 7 (!) shadows.

tl:dr There are no point to use anything in Corsair fleet now besides Shadow spam.

So you may either increase Shadow cost (which I would prefer) or decrease cost of ships with pulsars.

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I don't know if I should laugh or cry. The fact that OP desided to put this topic into Technical Feedback forum is not helping.

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Everything you wrote in your post is not relevant.
Price increase cannot change the fact that DE is better at brawl then at hit and run.
Carriers are not brawlers, because they are designed for support role or hit and run.
Im not exploiting anything, DE ships are just THAT good at ramming.

Also, how point increase will fix the fact that DE fleet is more effective at brawl then hit and run?

And from my understanding you are OK with point increase and dont want to change anything else only because you are bad at the game and cannot control more then two ships, mr "i play mostly 2s anyway". That being said, maybe you should not talk about this stuff in the future, because this is getting embarrassing at this point.

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@Davie I can dismantle your whole post piece by piece but i won't, because you will bring even more bullshit after that. In short, I cant even understand what are you even argue about.
I've showcased that DE overperforms in brawling scenarios, you said I'm wrong. Now you telling this: " i DO think DE need nerfs". Like wtf?

And one more thing. You've told my examples are bad, but all your examples is just theorycrafting. Do you seriously think that any of eldar factions should be easy to play? Because right now you must be far more skilled at the game then eldar player to win against him.

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@fosil Yes I know DE could do even better, that wasn't the point tho. Torp variant is just flat out insane, and this is making me really sad.
AT 4.5k only big rok can have a chance to outshoot DE battleship (any of them lmao). And it cost like 500p and slow af.

Today we will see a patch what will buff DE even more by reducing chance to get crit, and nerf part of it (-4500 range on aim) is doesnt even matter because you really dont need to be at range or stealth to win. This is fucking dumb and Im hope the dev team will look into this soon.

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My point is - there are no risk for eldars. You don't ever need a stealth. DE can just outshoot protector fleet without ever using stealth. I know you must be playing DE and thinking this is alright, but its not.

Also this thread has been made mainly for devs and not gold league DE players, so you may be free to fuck off.

Also №2, imagine being bad with DE...

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And they have ram upgrade on top of it.

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