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I have a good system and I get similar problems. My next step is to install the game on a SSD instead, but I never had any problem with other heavier games on a normal drive.

W10 64bits
i5 6600K
GTX 1070
Asrock Pro4S Z170
Playing on a 21:9 screen

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Awesome sounds! Gives good immersion.

The game needs a lot of optimization. With a very decent PC, I can barely keep 100fps at medium settings.
i5 6600K, 16GB RAM, W10-64bits, GTX 1070 with recommended drivers 378.92

Bugs noticed:
-Overall laggy game experience
-Transparent enemies (we see their vest and guns, but no character)
-In the menus, the scrolling items are a bit buggy. Enabled items are not shown. Highlighted items are showing the wrong item on the character.
-Driver pick-ups is really harsh. Some input smoothing and vehicle physics update could help a lot.

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You Need to change your Nvidia drivers to 378.92 version.

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