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I too would like more clothes, side quests, sub maps, more interiors, characters, and the use of furniture like chairs.

I personally feel that the characters could have used better facial animations, and shown more emotion in certain scenes. For example right after Jonathan enters the first house to hide he picks up a small picture and says something about how sorry he is, but that doesn't seem like something a person would do in that situation, instead he should have angrily swept everything off the table and then broken down in sorrow.
This can also be seen by the whole relationship with Elisabeth.

Basically the characters are to flat emotionally.

Also the endings are a little strange, Jonathon basically just gives up every one else, friends and his mother, to be with Elisabeth in the good endings.

For a future sequel I would propose that characters be more fleshed out. This could be done by having Npc's move through out their area depending on what chapter it is in the game and what side quest have been done. For example the dude with the broken arm never gets his arm fixed, it would have been better if he could have surgery and then go home.

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@madnesskreation and anyone else who wants it
here is a link to my save file, this is right after Dorothy and Darius talk, and the objective changes to talking to the poet and reporter.

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