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The improved detection perk only applies to escorts & light cruisers. He was running cruisers, which can't even get silent running I think.

I was running light cruisers with silent running and emission cloakers so I was constantly full aheading so WELL ahead of their detection range.

I'd be ok with it being a feature but I still can't see how it's not a bug, having the entire map revealed. Is there some weird mapwide Admech scan?! I literally burned from one map side to the other, down and across and didnt enter stealth once despite silent running and using gas clouds 😕

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I mean fully revealed. I was being chased by two Mechanicus cruisers in silent running and even went into a gas cloud but no cloaking appeared. I could see their ships and they could see mine.

I could also fully see a Cairn on the other side of the map. Not just the red dot.

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My Space Marine fleet is based on stealth so this pretty much cripples me. On the flip side the enemies were permanently spotted to but they were bringing much heavier ships.

Is it a feature that at the end of longer games all ships are revealed permanently? Seems more like a bug to me but not sure.

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I get this constantly, on random events. Clicking menus, clicking fleet building, during loading, in battle.

Not sure what else I can report as there's no "crash" folder in C:\Users"me"\AppData\Local\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved