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die of cancer seems to be his go-to insult. It's when he wishes it on your mother that I think crosses some lines ...

Don't know, perhaps was my noob mother to suggest him to make his ball-carrier super-easy surfable already in his first round...

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All you guys don't have an idea about balance and statistics! I have played him and i can say he is right: it's a shame that this broken RNG harass such a good player! And trust me, his talent is at least equal to his kindness...

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@mori-mori said in Is it really so difficult to make the 5 concessions ban in champs ladder automatic?:

@pole said in Is it really so difficult to make the 5 concessions ban in champs ladder automatic?:

I try to make it simple: in open ladder everybody can do what they want, in Champions ladder there is only a simple rule, not more than 5 concessions. If you brake this rule you must be out. Out after 6 concessions, not 20 ( and i would say that you can't make other teams for this ladder in this season, but maybe it's too radical ).

That's great and everything, but as half of your whining was not about just random coaches conceding too often, but about aggressive bash coaches doing that, I just couldn't help myself but doubt concessions is the core issue here 😉 You know, let's assume it became possible, and 5 concessions rule started to be enforced automatically. So those guys would stop conceding (assuming they are main conceders atm, what I doubt very much) and would just take any match, still maiming whatever opponent they meet... Does it solve your problem? I fail to see how.

Try to make it more more simple...
I don't really understand where you have read that i am whining about coaches conceding too often, i am whining about losing games and important players against someone that is already out of the competition (more than 5 concessions, not allowed to do playoff)
Is the champion ladder a competition? There are some rules and a prize, so i guess is a competition.Don't take me too serious and don't imagine me hitting my head on the wall screaming:" those conceders don't let me win those 500 dollars!!!"
I am not good enough, it's only a game and it's a funny hobby, but if you play in champ ladder you must accept that is also a competition. And random conceding coaches, as you say, simply distort the competition.
for example i can be unlucky to found someone with 10 concessions and with the only goal of injurying some players, that doesn't even look the ball and foul without logic every round while another coach don't, or i can be lucky to found someone that should have already banned, that instant concede me two times in a row only because he thinks the matchup is too difficult or not funny for him, while in the same time another coach had to play 2 difficult games, maybe with some casualties...

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I apologize, my english must be very bad if you have not understood a single line of what i've wrote... I am sure you can teach me about being a succesful coach and how to play against bashy teams, but nobody here is complaining about mighty blow, claw, piling on and same old stories...
I try to make it simple: in open ladder everybody can do what they want, in Champions ladder there is only a simple rule, not more than 5 concessions. If you brake this rule you must be out. Out after 6 concessions, not 20 ( and i would say that you can't make other teams for this ladder in this season, but maybe it's too radical ).
Imagine a boxing match where the contender's weight is measured after the match and not before... "Oh, you are 40 pounds more than me, no problem, punch me as you want and i'll be happy, cause i am sure you'll be disqualified". Or to make a race where all the athletes already disqualified for doping can join...

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The attrition in this game is already very high, but it's part of the game. The real problem is to have your players injured against the usual bash teams with a lot of concessions and a lot of games played (so very skilled killers) coached by someone that is simply trying to kill pixels to mitigate his own frustration...
Please don't answer that eliminate players is a legitimate good strategy, the point of the post is that you are playing in a regulated ladder against people out of the rules.
Perfectly fine for me to lose my full team against someone that is competing for a good record, not so against someone that shouldn't be in the competition.
I can understand that someone can in good faith think to have 5 concessions and not 6, i also did it, but when you have 10 or more concessions you are perfectly conscious of what you are doing, and you shouldn't be allowed to do it.

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The premise is that i would like to see, or to play if i am able to, high level playoffs, and i really really would like to see more race diversity in the ladder... The problem is that those two are completly different issues.
Playoffs must be a thing for best teams and best coaches: I really don't care to see a chaos dwarf team with more than 40 games under his belt make a pitch clear against the top ranked ogre or goblin team, with perhaps 13 games played. It's not even fair cause this kind of game is substantially a free turn and an ssp binge, while maybe the next opponent of this lucky team has lost 2 or 3 important players against the top chaos team in the previous turn.
So i think the top 32 teams (better, top 32 players) of the ladder must play the playoffs without race distinction, also if they are 32 chaos teams.
But i have said that i also complain about the poor diversity...well, in this bashy format the only solution i see to increase it is...PRIZES. It could been interesting if the top ranked for each race at the end of the ladder win something, for example 30 euro and 50 cyans (or 100 euro and no cyans if Cyanide prefer...;-)).
Maybe this can also encourage the top teams to play some more games and don't sit on their record without play a game for the last 20 days...

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@dode74 what was wrong with the WC? Don't understand why a cap should reduce the game's number...when you have done tot games you always can do another run also with the same race. And the record between the same races at 30 games should be a bit more fair and rapresentative about who has done better

  1. This should be ok
  2. We are at 9th November, ladder finish on 29th... Sure, if everyone can play 20 games in the first week also all matchmaking issues are gone. But not everyone can...
    I have said that try to kill players is perfectly ok and a good strategy but I wish that the online game stays the more close possible to tabletop (maybe too romantic vision...) and I think, repeat, personal opinion, that in the original idea of Blood bowl is simply not possible to push the killer strategy to certain extremes...
  3. I am not sure that those data are very representative... Obviously everyone try all the races, but even if I haven't seen the leaderboard for few days I am pretty sure that in the top 100 there aren't more high elves or union elves than chorfs and dwarves...
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I think that a cap could improve the ladder experience, 25 games per team should be fine, maybe 30, but not more.
These are the pro I see in this variant:

  1. Clawpomb spam mitigation. In my opinion Clawpomb combination is perfectly its original context, which is tabletop tournaments or leagues, where all teams have the same number of games played and are more or less equally skilled, but face a team with 3 or 4 Clawpomber with your nearly rookie team is a bit unfair and rarely fun. Sometimes and with some teams you can manage it, but more often your only chance is concede or lose 2 hours watching your team going in pieces...this lead to the point n.2
  2. I think the worst thing in champs ladder are those bashy teams with 45/50 games played and a terrible record that are playing only to cripple other teams. Don't want to be misunderstood: I am not saying that everyone that play in champs must play for the playoffs, everybody has his own fun, and if someone's fun is losing 3-0 trying to kill pixels and fouling every turn perfectly fine for me! But at least try to do it with the skills you have gained in 25/30 games. Because the problem is that these killer teams at one point start to farm spp mainly by concessions becoming more and more scary without risks.
  3. Improve level and number of players in the ladder. I personally know some good coaches that just play a couple of games in champions ladder because at the moment if you try to be competitive and qualify for playoffs I think you must play at least 50 games per season: with the level of attrition in the league you probably must restart 2 or 3 times, if you are lucky. Some people simply don't have the time to play so much and also if they are able to qualify playing 20 games then they have little hopes against teams with 40 or more games under their belt, so these guys don't even try to play with a certain constance and prefer to play casually or in their own private leagues.
  4. Bit more balance between bash and agi teams. At the moment seems to me that the ladder is very bashy oriented...while a bash team can have a lot of games under his belt, also counting on concessions, for an agi team is often far more difficult survive to the point of being very competitive. Probably a cap that reduces the attrition in the ladder and the gap between high bash levelled teams and agi ones in the playoffs, could make the last ones more appealing.
    I am not a computer expert, but just as my opinion, if the program can recognize 0 games teams shouldn't be too difficult make it recognize 25/30 games ones. If not, also a simple warning of manual ban after tot games could improve the champs ladder experience...
    What do you think? Thanks and sorry for my English.