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I believe you can download and use the UE4 editor right now to flesh out the general layout of a map to get a head start, but to get it into the game you’ll need to open it in the Sandstorm Editor (to be released) to perform the finishing touches and get it into the game.

I saw a video someone made where they had District and a couple other maps running in UE4 (complete with imported props and stuff), but he’s waiting on mod support to get them playable in the game. But since the majority of the work on the map is already done, when that time comes it should mean the map will be available to play sooner rather than later.

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In my experience, cheaters are virtually non-existent in PVP (and probably co-op too). That video you linked was uploaded shortly after the Dec release, and there has already been several ban waves since then. Odds are that player and players using that cheat are already banned.

In the future, it's best to privately report cheats & exploits using this form:

If you're reporting a player you've played with, please include their playername & the Replay ID of the round. If there are specific timestamps, that would help too.

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I also wonder if it's possible that it's not purely additional hipfire recoil but also a bigger "dead aim zone" compared to Source.

There's alot of variables at play so it's hard to tell exactly what it could be, or exactly what could be adjusted. Like @MarksmanMax brought up, it might not even be either... and just the animation itself.

Or maybe a combination of everything.

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@muzzle said in ADS Speed & Hipfire Recoil:

Hipfire- Give me whatever meds you are taking. Hipfire is way stronger in Sandstorm than it ever was in source. Most weapons with a foregrip have very little vertical hipfire recoil, even the battle rifles. the horizontal recoil is still noticeable, but it allows you to just spray a room without ADSing. I don't think it needs to be buffed at all. I come from competitive in both source and SS, and I know that hipfire was unused in source but is now occasionally seen. In pubs I see many players hipfiring, when in source those same players would be aiming at the sky after 2 shots. Hipfire was never meant to be a "good" strategy, which is part of what makes INS unique to most other shooters. I don't see how you think it needs a buff in Sandstorm.

I also played competitive in Source, where I used hipfire a ton going back to DGL Season 2.

Like we talked about on discord, I think maybe our experiences vary due to the weapons we hipfire with. I usually did it with the semi auto weapons like M16 and M1A1 Carbine, while it sounds like you do it more with automatic weapons.

In Sandstorm it feels like hipfire is viable with automatic weapons, probably because if you're firing in automatic, you're going to probably hit someone with 2 shots regardless of whether the recoil has been increased or not. We can pull down and the spray is more likely to hit them after a certain point.

But with semi auto weapons like the M16, it's much more difficult to land a shot then immediately follow it up with another when the hipfire recoil has been increased.

One could say that maybe players shouldn't hipfire with semi weapons, and maybe that's a valid view to have — but at the same time when ADS speed is so slow, there isn't really another option.

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I've been thinking about this for awhile but I'm a huge procrasinator so I never really posted anything about it, just briefly discussed it a few times on various discords. But on the upside, it gave me some extra time to organize my thoughts a little better.

ADS speed is too slow.
I don't want to compare everything to Source, but one thing that felt "right" is that if you were caught off guard by a threat, you had a decent chance of bringing up your sights and returning accurate fire. Even with the 1 hit kill AP meta, you still felt like you at least had a chance against someone taking a more defensive position. You still usually died, but you at least felt like your death was your fault because you had the opportunity to shoot them, you just simply missed. But in Sandstorm, it feels like you're not only fighting the other player but also the game itself - especially considering how many angles you are open to when traversing the maps. There's a million places to hide, but only so many places to move through. Being able to respond better after taking fire or spotting someone would be a welcome change in this regard.

Hipfire and ADS recoil should be the same.
Or at least, dialed back to where it's really really close. Again I don't want to compare everything to Source because this is its own game and should be judged on its own merits, but this is another mechanic that Source got right, imo.

I agree that hipfire might have been a little "much" in Source, but I think that was more due to the AP meta making most weapons a 1 hit kill than it was hipfire being flawed in some way. In Sandstorm, all of the assault rifles and even the SCAR require 2 hits to kill in CQB range... so right now hipfire feels like a really nerfed mechanic since you not only have to manage to land a hit against someone who is probably already ADS'd, but you also have to adjust for the big recoil penalty and land a second shot.

I think one of these mechanics would be fine on their own, but when they're combined... it feels like you can't accurately hipfire but you also can't ADS in time - which doesn't exactly leave players many options, other than to not push or be aggressive.

I understand that the goal may have been to promote more tactical gameplay, but the current implementation seems to punish movement & aggressiveness too much. A defensive player already has the benefit of being harder to see, able to hear someone coming, and being prepared with their sights already up... but a moving player doesn't really have much of anything going in their favor.

I don't think drastic changes should be made, but maybe adjusting one of these over time can make everyone happy.

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I've changed so many things it's hard to say what might have helped me, but I'm getting 80-110 FPS with these specs at 1080p Fullscreen:

  • Intel i7 4770k @ Stock 3.9GHz speed
  • 32GB DDR3 2133MHz
  • Asus Strix 1080 8GB VRAM
  • Samsung 970 EVO

And I'm running these settings:

IMO you get much better graphic quality (and virtually 0 performance loss in my experience) by disabling Anti-aliasing and instead setting Super Sampling to at least 1.25x. FXAA makes enemies seem blurry at a distance and they blend in a little too well with foilage and stuff, but by using Supersampling instead they still maintain some clarity with their surroundings.

When I use a magnified scope it'll drop to 60-70, which still seems very playable to me so I keep scope quality set to High because I really like the Picture-in-picture look.

I also disabled all of the nVidia share stuff like Shadowplay, Ansel, etc. and instead use OBS (with NVenc) to record stuff.

So somewhere along those lines, either due to the disabling of the nVidia stuff, or maybe due to having a really fast storage device to load textures from, microstutters are extremely rare and barely noticable. I tend to get one at the beginning of the round as I enter a new area of the map for the first time, and that's about it.

I tried those "FPS Fixes" like -USEALLAVAILABLECORES, disabling Hyperthreading, Appdata .ini tweaks, etc. and none seemed to have any noticable impact. I think the M2 SSD probably did the most for me.

For those that are saying their game runs extremely smooth with their SSD, I think it would help if they specified if their SSD was the fancy M2 kind, or if it was your typical SATA based SSD. I had the game installed on a SATA SSD and it seemed like I got more stutters than when I put it on my Samsung EVO.

Also, you really need to have 16GB RAM if you want to play modern FPS games. 16GB was the norm back in 2014 or so, and it's even more true now. When I play Sandstorm, it typically uses 4GB RAM... and with my background processes using about 11GB... I'm using just about half of my RAM while actively playing according to Resource Monitor.

I've also noticed that with Textures @ High, it'll use up about 7GB VRAM (although I imagine it'll use as much VRAM as possible, since it is faster than fetching it from your storage device or system memory). My CPU tends to hover around 30-50% usage while playing.

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I think what he's saying is that we don't know if that was a "hit" as far as the server was concerned.

In Source, blood is clientside so just because you saw blood some out of somebody, it doesn't mean they died.

I'm not sure how blood behaves in Sandstorm, I'm assuming there might be some "mist" that is client-side but the big "spray" we see when we get a kill is probably dictated by the server. But again, I'm not sure.

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Setting my Texture Quality to Very High, I will see about 7GB VRAM being used on my 1080, depending on map. The game itself will take up about 4GB RAM for its process, and if I have Chrome and stuff open, I’ll only have a GB or two free on my 32GB system.

Since our cards are almost the same I wonder if you’d benefit from more RAM, although I expect as time goes on and optimization improves you should be able to keep those settings and get better frames/stability.

Also, so you run any mods like SweetFX or anything like that? Any third party overlays?

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That's a good find.

Given how people hold their weapons, it could explain how if you're aiming @ body mass center, it can feel like people take more shots than necessary to die. If you're both aiming at eachother, you could very well be hitting their hands instead of their body.


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What did you lose exactly?

One of the patchnotes mentioned that all-black cosmetics were removed from Insurgent side for balance during Beta II.