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Playing online COOP.

These two dudes were dead... I had some bad stuttering during a big firefight, and after the dust had cleared, these two insurgents were invisible to everyone but me, and i could walk through them, stuck in those poses.
0_1554987386012_20190411223058_1.jpg 0_1554987400865_20190411223106_1.jpg

The Insurgent who was standing while holding an AK like a pistol also was firing his gun in time to an insurgent being engaged by other squad members a good 60 to 70 metres away, with visual firing effects and sound effects (but not actually firing anything damaging).

Additionally I had 2 team mates stuck on my end, who both registered as alive and fired their weapons (one even switched weapons as I watched)
0_1554987560748_20190411223146_1.jpg 0_1554987572609_20190411223153_1.jpg
You can see in one pic he's got a sniper rifle, and in the next he has a molotov. Also switched to pistol at one point.


Hands down the weirdest glitch I've seen in Sandstorm to date. (Also my performance has dropped dramatically since the last hotfix)

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