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@nemesor-xanxas said in Eldar needs serious buffing:


I play Druhkari and i can tell you that no matter how cleverly i maneuver my opponent always seems to know exactly where i am, and despite the fact that Druhkari are supposed to be the fastest faction in the game they keep up with me no problem or in alot of cases even outpace me (and im not saying they cut in front of me and catch me they can be following and straight up out pace me.) Also the Druhkari Stealth mechanics are broken because despite their maneuvers say that it will not reveal the ship it actually does and you lose stealth when you use them.

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The eldar factions are incredibly weak compared to the other factions in the game which is only compounded by MOST of the other factions getting a speed boost buff. The only benefit the eldar have are their speed and stealth both of which are useless when ever other faction can easily catch them no problem. the eldar are easily the weakest factions in a straight up fight and yet their tools that are suppossed to be their advantage mean nothing because babies during the beta complained so much about getting kited (because they dont want to spread out their fleet which i might add is suppossed to be the point of the eldar being faster than them so they can force you to spread and pick off stray ships) so what is the point in playing eldar at all or even having them in the game if your going to capitulate to cry babies who dont want to play tactically. you might as well rename the game "pick some ships and send them into a big blob fight and let the ai do the rest simulator" because their is absolutly no benefit to playing with any tactics or stratagy past picking as many space marine light cruisers as you can and spaming "honor the chapter" and lightening strike. this is the flattest most linear "stratagy" game i have ever seen im im honestly considering getting a refund because so far it has been nothing but a waste of money the first game was so much better this one is the biggest letdown ever.

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Im so tired of facing space marines over and over and over who spam the cheapest ship available and then proceed to spam honor the chapter and lightening strike. Two things NEED to happen 1. their need to be caps set for the amount of the same ship/ship class that can be brought in a fight. 2 honor the chapter needs to be nerfed either lowering the range/damage it does or more likely it need to not be able to go through shields. As it stands there are a large number of player abusing this they spam as many light cruisers as they can bring and then focus your generators and honor the chapter their way on board with 9 different ships destroying your generators and then just spam lightening strike until your ship is out of crew.