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Any news when 2nd round matches are scheduled to be played?

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@netheos said in Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2018 Announcement:

Invitational Cup
Find the current rankings here:

Can we get this updated, please?

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For OPs future endevours. Goblin Spy also has a ranking points calculator you can use even if your league isn't listed. For example on CCL Standings page.

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So Steam wants to update BB2. Any info what bug fixes and features the update contains?

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Here's my support for a rez format with SPPs and ability to have faster ageing for attrition.

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@Nîme-l'Ancien said in [beta BB2LE] Bugs report from Nîme l'Ancien:

Skills :

  • Catch : need to be optionnal. When I blitz the carrier of the ball with a player with the "catch" skill and my btlitzing player catch the ball and miss ... not rerolling may be the best option (if another player is free to pick up and throw for example). Furthemore if in the same situation the first roll is a hit we should be allowed to reroll to try to miss.

Catch skill description allows you to reroll failed rolls. Not succesfull ones.

Agree on the first point that sometimes you might not want to catch the ball with the blitzing player.

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Yes, an "Active Topics" function like the previous BB forum or basically every other forum on the net has, please.

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