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Would require a re-balance of IN as they absolutely rely on MWJ to be even remotely competitive in MP.

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Losing crew seems to go even faster than it did pre patch, as if the crew casualties add up faster unless you use call to arms. The problem is now you have to use that CD to prevent your crew from dying and never get a chance to use repair.

Maybe that's intended, but it doesn't feel particularly good to me.

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@ashardalon I've seen a lot of people view her as incompetent based on the fact that she:

  1. Attacked the Vengeful Spirit with her battlegroup made up of 1 cruiser and a hand full of light cruisers, arguing that she instead could have not done that, and been able to intercept the chaos ships that pushed the blackstone into Cadia, basically blaming the destruction of Cadia on her....and the way the devs crafted the cinematic, it's hard to argue against that.

  2. Attacked an Eldar Craftworld with a light cruiser and a bunch of frigates.

Thus far in my IN campaign they still have yet to explain WHY she attacked a Craftworld, but it looks like it was just a plot device to show why you fight the Eldar after the events of the first game.

Those 2 cases are her only appearances in the IN campaign, and since the Nid campaign is not canon, she seems to have just been a throwaway character.

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@romeo I mean, not really since all the admech voices are modulated, I wouldn't be suprised of all the male voices in the game are done by 2-3 people with voice modulation for chaos, eldar, and admech. I'm pretty sure Catalia is the same VA as the narrator.

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@lord-styxx I was honestly just talking about the Imperial Navy simply because that would be the easiest, but it is true that the Mechanicus could as well. Obviously the Space Marines cannot.

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It's cool that you took the feedback from the first game and added one as a character at least, but there are 2 things that I would still like.

  1. the ability to recruit some of them. They could appear randomly at like a 15-25% rate and don't need to be special characters.
  2. If they are going to only put one female character in the game, make her not completely incompetent. Now I'm not saying you can't make a female character incompetent, but only have one female Admiral, and making her the incompetent one...well that's just being s*#tty.

It's not like it would have been hard to have the VA that did the female character do some generic female admiral lines as well.

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I saw there are a few female admiral portraits, do they show up as recruitable in campaign?

If not they should, they already had a Woman VO actress for a character that appears once in the campaign.

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Noticed this in beta but it still exists in live.

Bastion's icon indicates it should be red and gold, while Koronus should be blue and silver, however the actual ships in battle are the opposite.

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Noticed the same, I think bastions ships are actually supposed to be red.

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If I pick Bastion ships they are blue and when I pick Koronus ships they are red.

Based on the selector, they should be reversed.

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