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I've restarted once or twice already and it keeps happening now and then. I have a some screenshots and a few recordings of the bug in action, but my xbox doesn't seem to want to transfer them to my onedrive right now, so I'll have to try again later.

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I've been having a glitch tonight where once in a while I'll equip an armor or set and one or more pieces will be on backwards. So far it's happened once when I equipped the Ironmaus by way of the helmet, it set my torso armor on backwards (the ironmaus completely removes any model of Warren under it, who knew?), once to my MG Gorgon helmet one (and only one) of the several times I equipped it-- the helmet was backwards and leaned backward whenever Warren leaned forward to sprint-- and once I equipped the Ironmaus again and that time the torso was on backwards in the menu. All times it was fixed by unequipping and reequipping the gear.