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@iyagovos yes i stood in the red area, i was just walking on the street and suddenly the "investigate" icon appeared at the characters and i went into the red area i saw that they started talking but the eye icon and the press X option disappeared. I thought it was because the event finished so i waited till they start the event again but i no longer have the eye icon and the press X option... I was recording my play so i have video proof again if my description wasnt clear enough.

I downloaded the patch yesterday night, but it was too late and i couldnt check if the problem is still there, this evening im gonna play again so i will check it.

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Does the new update contains the fix for the bug?

Altough I restarted the game because I didn't want to wait for a decade for the fix to come and I got a very similar bug in the Newton and Oswald side activity, where I saw that i should investigate their secret dialogue however I cannot listen to it. I am at the right place at the canal near the iron fence but i cannot press X to investigate the dialogue... @Iyagovos do you have any solutions for these "investigate people's actions" quests?

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@pndr of course I did, no use, they do not offer the quest option in the dialogues

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Hello, this is my PS4 save data:
I hope it helps your work with the fix!

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Thank you for your fast answer! I hope you can fix this issue in no time.

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So after I went to Whitechapel district to get some information about nurse Dorothy Crane, I spoke with Darius Petrescu, investigated his talk with Dorothy and after the cutscene the quest bugged and didn't gave any further instructions what should I do (in the cutscene the nurse wasn't shown). So I restarted the game and now the quest sais "Investigate Darius Petrescu's actions" (which I have already done) but the cutscene event is not triggering and the guy is just standing in one place. Here I made a video about this bug, maybe it helps to understand the problem.
Youtube Video

On Reddit Vampyr forum I posted this and a few other guys replied that they encountered the same problem, some of them on PS4, some of them on PC.

Anyone got any solution for this?