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After playing beta for last 5 days I can see with certainty, necrons are bad like really bad. Before they at least had starpulse that could trash half fleet if enemy was stupid enough but now.

  • They are slow buts ok that's how necrons roll.
  • They have nonexistent turn speed without maneuver gauge so once you are circled than you are circled until you inertia-less drive cooldown ends
  • Nonexistent dps for ship price.
  • Very good armor and hull regeneration. Which for reasons beyond me is caped.
  • No shields, gets crited so often that it's not even funny.
  • Did I mentioned that their ships are expensive, almost 500pp for cairn that do absolutely nothing if your enemy is even remotely skilled.
  • Basically instant lose to ad mech nova cannon spam or chaos long range lance sniping.

Right now whatever you win or lose with necrons basically depends on how bad your enemy is not how good you are.

Now how our dear developers could make them competitive again.

  • Massive cooldown cut(half or even more would do) on inertia-less drive and boost to rotating speed.
  • ether massive boost to dps or cut pp costs as right now enemy sheer dps per second is always significantly higher than necrons, which is ridiculous by both game and lore standards(crons outgunned like wtf is that).
  • remove regeneration cap or boost regeneration speed to equalize ships durability to that of other faction( ships with shield down will simply disengage and regen while other will take its place cause necrons are and should be outnumbered(but not to that degree) and necrons will accumulate dmg)
  • boost armor, necrons don't have shields and fact that anybody with brace for impact can posses more armor is just plain stupid.
  • fix morale, necrons mutiny is just wrong. Either give them massive boost and disable its regeneration and after reduced to zero they will "warp out" or reduce dmg taken.
  • And most importantly pyramidic reconstruction to admiral ship as passive, skills are meant to be option not must have to even be able to play.

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