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I know that Patches, Bug Fixes etc. have priority, but what about

Cyclone Missile Launchers? 😈 💥 💥 💥

Have these ever been considered?

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I play on Pc.

How exactly do you "equip" the banner. I can't seem to find that....

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Yeah, I noticed those also right away.
At first I was going for the reliability module, because I hate jamming, but then curiosity took the better of me. 😂

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Ah, thx alot mate! 🙂

Well, I guess I'll spend my next renoun on something a bit more usefull then.

I actually hoped it would be like this:

But I guess that wouldn't work so well, because of heigh issues/clipping.

I agree that banners should give some sort of bonus. Otherwise they are kinda "useless".
In the heat of battle I wouldn't plant the thing, unless it has some use.

I mean we are Terminators, right? Not Decorators. 😃

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I really enjoy the Enhanced Edition, but I still got a question and
I feel kinda dumb asking this, but:

What are the Banners for and how would you deploy one?
I unlocked one for the Heavy Weapons Terminator and now I've no idea what that did for me...

I looked for an answer ingame and here in the forum, but found nothing, aside from something about them being a deployable item and that they are just cosmetic.
But neither do I see a key/button to deploy one, nor is there any indicator ingame about their use, as far as I know.

At first I thought they might be a cosmetic bit on the backpack of the Terminator, but that doesn't seem to be the case either.

Please enlighten me, someone.

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It's kinda minor. But I though I report it anyway.
I played the Campaign today. Or to be more precise; I continued a Campaign I started a while ago.

During Mission Briefings Grand Master Belial isn't to be heared.
Only Text appears, but that doesn't continue on it's own as well.
I had to keep pushing "H" to further scrolling of the text.

Only the last sentence was once spoken out loud.

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Sweet! Will the customizations be available in the Campaign or just in MP?