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Hello... it looks there are any issues.... i´ve just reinstaling the game again to prove.
I´ve found that there is no images in the shop for many items (star players, shirts...)
Morg Skin in the game is not the premium... I don´t undertand why?
Also many player were showed in blue in the rosters... like it weren´t loaded or something like that.
Yesterday I played only one game and it was with a combined team a the vampires, when they were bloodlust didnt´feed and get off the pitch...
Lets see how run the game this days

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En este foro mejor que preguntesen inglés... Aquí la peña solo habla en este idioma

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Thank you so much for the information and the quick response

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Ok. Not premium for all star players but

The same goblin skin for chainsaw star players (PS4)? very very ugly...
Flint is a darf
Helmut is human
Hack is an skeleton
Max is chaotic human
Nobbla is ok
Rashnak is a hoggoblin
Ugroth is an orc

And please,

  • Bertha is a woman, ugly, ogre....but a woman
  • Alibab bad stabs with no stab WTF!!
  • Boomer´s skin is a goblin in the game but he is a dwarf

and its only for the skins....
the game is fully of annoying issues...

So sad...

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@Netheos jajaja sexyyyy.... time for a star player...maybe? 😉

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