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I am not saying I am taking the trolls' side here, but I have come to realize that gaming is and will forever be a very frustrating hobby if you can not deal with socially retarded people.

Have you ever been to a public restroom? Have you ever boarded and disembarked an airplane? Ever watched a public debate? Have you ever driven a car? Have you ever worked in customer service? Do you live on planet earth? Well, then you should be well aware that a good chunk out of the human race (I'd claim about 10%) is an utter abomination and waste of oxygen.

I am pretty sure that the percentage of uncivilized loudmouths is much greater in the gaming community than the global average.

It doesn't matter what game you play, or what the age of the average player is. People with no social life or social intelligence whatsoever, people who were invisible in school and are trying to compensate for not having a voice then, bigoted losers suffering from small penis syndrome, even potentially decent people suffering from any form of depression and are acting erratically for that very reason, must all be overrepresented in the gaming community. Maybe even more so in the shooter genre.

I am not sure where I stand on the vote-kick matter. Personally, I find it a bit of a relief to not be asked to vote for something every other minute. It doesn't really matter to me. What I am trying to get at is;

Appalling behavior is here (and everywhere else) to stay. I have not seen more, or less, "toxicity" here than in any other shooter I play, or on different forums... the supermarket... at work...

Just ignore them.

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I have now played for a couple of days (reached level 18) and there a couple of things I would like to mention. Much of it has probably been mentioned before but hell, another topic has never killed anyone, right?!

I have not run into many technical issues. Only a couple things come to mind now;
Once I got stuck next to a rock face on the map Summit.
Occasionally I run around without hands / floating gun.
Friendly player models have this subtle but shaky twitching going on when running next to them. In other words; character animations aren't super smooth.
A couple of graphical glitches when spectating as well, but that doesn't really matter.

Colliding players could use some work, as it feels unpolished at the moment. I would describe two players colliding in CQB as "clipping chaos".

The car's physics are breaking immersion a bit as well. They look kind of light and twitchy in their movement.

Gun and explosion sounds are awesome, but could be more distinct, and they become a little too muffled at short distances for my taste.

Gunplay is really good. Light-years ahead of that buggy mess Escape From Tarkov. But it does not outshine a shooter like Squad with much, if any. The original Insurgency had damn near perfect gunplay, so in that regard;
Insurgency > Sandstorm

As many have mentioned before the restricted areas are an annoyance. Other than having a restricted area so you can spawn in safely and have 3-4 different options to choose from when moving out, I do not see the point of having them at all. As of now I feel tactically limited, and most matches become very linear and repetitive. Pretty much every single time I try to flank around the enemy I run into a restricted area.
It's 2019 for dog's sake. Freedom!!

I must give praise to the map design. The maps look beautiful, and are both detailed and intricate. World interaction is also very well designed. Opening doors, or kicking them in, and breaking windows feels intuitive and adds a lot of atmosphere and gameplay fluidity. I would like to play a night, and snow map, though.

Will we see many future updates? Sandstorm has great potential, but I was expecting more from it, considering how awesome the original was/is.

In my opinion, NWI could have skipped the commander/observer, A-10s, helicopters, drones, and cars. Focused entirely on infantry combat, and made even bigger maps with more tactical freedom.