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I agree with most of these.

There should be a bigger impact after getting shot, such as getting knocked down if you don't die. This would make lower caliber weapons still useful even though they lack the killing power of the higher calibers. Right now, 7.62 is basically your best option in all situations. The only issue I can see with this is that it's never been done before in a game as far as I know. There's probably reason why.

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@jesus-man Excellent ideas. If we are going to be playing asymmetric warfare, I think that more than just the weapon choices and support options should vary. There should be roles unique to each side, more than just a name swap. Pilotable IED drones is a great idea.

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I think it's unfair that the most powerful support options which are the gunship and minigun are only available to the security side.

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@grotesqueshadow These are all great points that you make so I'm not going to quote the whole thing. I actually like the map designs of sandstorm. They allow for a wide variety of play styles, but at the end of the day, they are generally too big for the amount of players in a game which ends up leaving them feeling pretty sparse except around active objectives.

As far as teamplay and communication, it's virtually non-existent in sandstorm. I think this may be due in large part to the fact that you can't even see who's talking. When someone makes a callout, it's impossible to tell who did and where they did. There needs to be some obvious on-screen indicator for when people are talking, like maybe their name pops up in the corner and a mic appears over their head, or a directional arrow appears so that you can get a sense of their location as well.

Also I would like to see some sort of squad system in this game like there was in insurgency. Perhaps every squad would have a squad leader who's job it is to call in reinforcements, i.e. respawn his squad. This would give a sense of unity to the squads as they always respawn together and gives the players the power to decide how their waves are spent instead of it being entirely up to the game.

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I would like it if the insurgent's pants tuck into the boots.

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@action83 said in Playing as Insurgents:

The factions are not named. When I play as an insurgent I never think that I'm playing a bad guy. If it makes you feel better just imagine being some freedom fighter who fights against some dictator's badly corrupted security forces.

Literally what's happening in real life...

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I definitely like sandstorm game a lot. Quite possibly as much if not more so than the previous insurgency. However, I feel that sandstorm has taken away some of my favorite elements of insurgency.

Much like many people have been saying about the beta, many of the guns just feel underpowered whereas in the previous insurgency, every gun felt powerful and effective within their role, including pistols.

In this game, switching to a sidearm during a firefight is almost worse than just reloading your primary because of how unreliable and underpowered pistols are. With everyone running around in heavy armor, using anything other than 7.62 rifles leads to a kind of bullet spongy effect.

I honestly feel that armor should cost twice as much as it does now. It makes no sense for heavy armor to cost the same number of supply points as a chest carrier when one is infinitely more valuable than the other.

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@humbug It seems like the aim sensitivity in the game is tied to your fps, and with the game not being fully optimized yet, the fps is inconsistent. This means that your aiming is not as smooth as it should be which makes the game feel not as fluid. I think the slower reload speeds feel nice and look nice but the movement speed doesn't really match.

The original insurgency focused a lot on close quarters, indoors maps. There was a lot of breaching, room clearing, flashbanging, and corner peaking. This game has much larger maps it seems and it favors a more run and gun style of play.

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In all seriousness, I don't much like using ak rifles either, other than the aks. When I play as insurgent I typically use the m16a2 even though it doesn't allow for 1x or 2x sights... the ak rifles aren't bad but the recoil on them is pretty intense.

On another note, the insurgent forces that you play as in the game are more than likely not ISIS or terrorists at all. The game takes place in their homeland, which would make the security forces more like terrorists if anything.

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I understand that reflex sights aren't totally necessary, but my argument is that in most cases they are more useful than 2x and 4x sights, yet they cost much less. The higher cost of magnified sights adds another disadvantage on top of having a major disadvantage in close range engagements. That's why I feel that all the sights should have the same supply cost since they have their own roles along with balanced advantages and disadvantages.