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  1. At first I thought like that, too, but then I realized the explosives are taken from the cache, i.e. Insurgents take C4 from the Security cache and Security take an IED from the Insurgent cache!
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This might be related or maybe it should be reported as a separate issue:

Earlier today I played a match that went well and quit the game after. The next time I launched the game and queued for a match I got put into a match where the players were defending the last objective. We won the round but I didn't even get to spawn. In the match results screen I got the exact same results as the last time I was playing and my XP bar went up accordingly.

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I'd really like to get rid of the intro videos. It takes an extra second and unnecessary user input to skip them manually every time I launch the game often several times a day. Somehow those few seconds of completely unnecessary waiting and the skipping not being instant frustrate me a lot. Isn't there a launch command for skipping the intro?

At least for a temporary solution deleting the movie files seems to work.

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Yeah, you get the credits. In the first match you play you will get like -1000000XP. The first few levels require so little XP that you will probably be at like level 3 after the first match.

Optimization has gotten better but many people still have issues.

I love the game.

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This happens to me, too. My level on the server player list is always one higher than in the main menu. I'm not 100% sure but I think it also happened during the beta.

I haven't seen any abnormal XP gains, playing only Checkpoint. Although, I once got only 15XP but I only joined the game near the end, got a kill, died and won the match.

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When looking around and not aiming down the sights I have a weird issue with inconsistent mouse sensitivity. For example if I start moving my mouse left the view starts to turn normally but after a few degrees of rotation it slows down for a little bit and then continues normally. If I stop and continue moving my mouse left it doesn't slow down again. But if I move the mouse right, I hit that slowdown again and then continue normally in the same direction. It happens every time I change direction with the mouse from left to right or vice versa. I haven't tested if this happens when moving the mouse up and down.

It's like my mouse is in a small box and every time I hit one side I have to drag the box by the border for a bit before it starts following the mouse again. I can move the mouse freely within that box but as soon as I hit a border I have to drag it with force for a little bit.

I am using look sensitivity of 0.15 at 1600 DPI, if it matters.

Anyone else have the same problem?