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@thehappybub Maybe they could compromise by having insurgent players hear the lines in English, but the security players would hear them in Arabic?

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@chonma-ho AN94 I perfectly understand not being in, but I could've sworn the AK12 was supposed to be the modern replacement for the old AK pattern rifles? Maybe I'm confusing it for something else?

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@maa_bunny I just think it could be a neat way to distinguish the commander and observers from common riflemen to give them some more unique arms.

Maybe even just make them unique skins but have them perform similarly to standard rifleman arms. Maybe the security commander could get an ACR instead of an M4, or the insurgent commander could get an AK12 instead of an AK74.

Really, though, it's just an excuse for me to have those two guns in game 😁

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Rifleman / Observer / Commander:
Pretty good overall. All 4 rifles for both factions feel like they have their own distinct niches. The G3 is a good mid-range heavy hitter, the M16A4/A2 are nice all rounders, and the G36, M4, and both AKs, while there is some overlap, still feel relatively distinct.
The only thing that bothers me is the fact that observers and commanders just get standard rifleman kits with nothing unique. I feel like these classes should get a unique weapon or two to make them a little more interesting. Perhaps an ACR for security and maybe an AS VAL for insurgents?

Not so great if I'm honest, mainly because it feels like every primary the breacher has access to gets overshadowed by the shotguns. It's not that the other weapons are bad, it's just that they don't really compare. Why would I take an MP7 that'll run me at least 7 supply to get it configured properly, when I can have a shotgun with flechette rounds for less than half that cost? Not to mention the carbines are also available to the advisor, so you may as well just pick advisor and leave the breacher kit for your teammate who might want to use a shotgun.
The breacher not only needs its current SMG choices to be a bit better, but also have a few more to pick from. Perhaps a UMP45 for security and a PP-Bizon for insurgents?

One gun per faction. Boring. Not to mention the current meta favors using the LMGs in a somewhat unorthodox fashion, essentially running them like high capacity assault rifles rather than MGs.
I'd like each faction to have weapons that act as counterparts to one another. Maybe security could get an M240B or M60 to act as their counterpart to the insurgents' PKM, and insurgents could get an MG42 (yes, they've actually been seen using these) to act as their counterpart to the security's M249.

Not much to say. Standard rifleman kit with some more explosive options. Bit annoying how you don't start with full ammo for the underslung launcher / reloadable rocket launcher and have to fill up from a supply cache.

About what I expected. One bolt-action and one DMR. My only gripe is that bolt action rifles can't reliably one shot targets, so they seem redundant when compared to DMRs. Much as I'd like to see more DMRs and BA rifles to pick from, they'd likely just end up being alternative skins rather than different weapons.

I think the insurgent advisor gets a bit of a raw deal here. While the security advisor gets the L85A2 and Mk17, the insurgent advisor only really gets the FAL (I don't count the SVD since it's also on marksman). Insurgent advisor needs some more love. Maybe something like an AN94 (Though I understand if this wouldn't be realistic since, as I understand it, the AN94 is pretty rare).
Additionally, I don't really get what the Mk17 is supposed to be good for. It just seems like a crappy version of the G3, currently.

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@marksmanmax Well, I didn't test very thoroughly, just did some quick play testing in local play to get a feel for it.

Thing is, though, if only a few guns actually have horizontal recoil, that makes the compensator seem incredibly situational, not to mention something of a newb trap if someone slaps it on their gun without realizing it isn't actually helping them.

@Benz It's a fine weapon to use, it just seems unnecessarily restrictive with how costly the extended magazine is, especially when you can have a Mk18 for the same cost that kills in fewer shots, is easier to control at range, and has 50% more ammo in its magazine by default.

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@jarple Eh, I don't know, honestly. Even with its effectiveness reduced, I have a hard time seeing the foregrip as anything but a must have. Take a look at something like Rainbow Six Siege. You never see players without a vertical foregrip and compensator on their primary because they just flat out make it better.

Plenty of games have well balanced and varied arsenals without modifications that directly affect the stats of the weapon. Heck, I remember back in the days of Battlefield Bad Company 2, weapon modification was literally just being able to put either a 1x or 4x optic on your primary (And even then you had to sacrifice your first specialization slot, so most people used iron sights).

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(Besides the AI)

The way recoil currently works. I don't like it. I don't like how weapons either a) have strictly vertical recoil with next to no side to side kick or b) have completely random side to side recoil that makes it borderline unusable without a compensator (RIP in pepperonis MP7).

Additionally, there's too much disparity with the amount of recoil felt between crouching and standing. After some testing in local play, I've found that crouching is basically like getting a free foregrip on your weapon with how much it mitigates kick. Combine that with the recoil reduction of an actual foregrip and your gun basically becomes a laser.


  • Make it so that kind of recoil reduction can only be had while prone.
  • Nerf crouch recoil reduction to maybe 1/5 of what it is now.
  • All weapons should have predictable side to side recoil with no or at least very very little randomness.

Better solution:

  • Chuck the foregrip and compensator in the bin and just balance all weapons around one recoil pattern (per weapon, of course). Attachments that make it easier to shoot at people are always going to be a must have in order to stay competitive no matter what.
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I really hope they add a continue playing as team option. Not only would it be a nice way to help servers fill up faster, but... just about every online FPS (Heck, never mind FPS. Every online game period) has an option to continue playing with your current group.

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So while I was initially stoked to get my hands on the game, as the weeks have gone by I've found myself putting less and less time into it. Now, I play maybe one or two matches total a day before I just turn it off and go play something else. Main reasons:

  • Lordy, this weapon balance. It makes Call of Duty 4 look like it had a well balanced arsenal. SMGs are just about useless in their current state. The MP7 is a decent gun, but it costs so much to get it configured in a way that makes it viable, and the Uzi is a joke gun in its current state. On top of that, bolt action rifles seem entirely redundant in comparison to DMRs. I get that's semi-realistic given the engagement distances depicted, but then why have them at all if they're going to be so useless?
  • Recoil. Crouch and your gun becomes a laser, rendering recoil control a redundant skill since it's almost completely mitigated just by changing stance. On top of that, compensators seem redundant since most weapons have almost no side to side recoil.
  • This freaking AI, man. We've discussed it at length, but it bears repeating that the AI should not have to cheat just to be a challenge. Bots basically know your location 24/7 and are absurdly accurate AND can outright break the rules and kill players through solid cover, as I've witnessed happening.
  • Not having everything instagib is a step in the right direction, but something really needs to be done about armor. Light armor is negligible in the protection it offers (I die just as fast whether I have light armor or no armor), and heavy armor only really makes a difference at long range and against certain guns, and even then, the difference is negligible.
  • I was quite pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the character customization, but I really don't like how certain things are set up. Why do I have to pay 200 credits just to roll up my sleeves? Seems like you could eliminate a lot of redundant items just by giving people the option to roll up their sleeves instead of making them pay for it. The random unlock you get after leveling up can be an item you already own, meaning you essentially get nothing.
  • No good way of dealing with griefers and trolls. I'm sorry, NWI, but you don't have an excuse for this. Team killing has been a sticking point in every game you've released in the past 4 years. There needs to be a matchmaking cool down of like 30 minutes to an hour for people who get booted from a match for excessive team killing. On top of that, there need to be harsher penalties for team killing in general to encourage people to actually identify their targets before shooting. I'm tired of clearing a building and eating half a magazine's worth of 5.56 from my teammate because he just couldn't be arsed to identify who he was shooting at.
  • This is a nitpick, but why are the reticles on electronic sights so fuzzy? They're annoyingly hard to see.

Yet, I'll admit, for all my bitching and nitpicking, I can see the great game here underneath all the problems. It seems like whenever the problems start to wear me down, there's a really cool moment that reinvigorates me and instills new hope. Last match, I ended up at the last objective as the last man standing on Crossing as the insurgents. No way I could fight that many operators by myself, so I got out my only molotov and tried to throw it onto the cache from a distance. Lo and behold, I arced my throw perfectly and saved the game. It's little moments like that where I can see the fun I could be having if it weren't for all these other problems dragging down the experience.

I dunno, maybe beta testing just isn't for me. If that's the case, I'll gladly wait until December to see if the problems get ironed out. I hope they do, because I can see the potential here underneath all the issues.

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@marxman-lmc Not really much positive feedback to give, if I'm being perfectly honest...

The more I play it, the more the problems start to creep in. Pretty much all the NWI hallmarks are here:
-Rubbish AI that has to cheat to be a challenge
-Terrible spawn mechanics that encourage and reward spawn killing
-Rampant trolling and team killing we have no real way of dealing with (At least with community servers admins could take care of troublemakers)
-Laughable weapon balancing (A 9mm pistol can kill through heavy armor in two shots... the Uzi cannot. Even though they fire the same damn bullet)
-Constant catering to a loud minority that ruins the experience for the majority
-Building and subsequently abandoning new systems without any iteration (See competitive matchmaking for Insurgency Source)

I had hoped after two successful games and four years in business, NWI would improve their craft. Unfortunately, it seems they haven't, and if past behavior is anything to go by, none of these problems will be solved in a satisfactory manner. They'll just be chalked up to "typical NWI" and ignored.

Sorry if this wasn't the post you were looking for, but I'm finding it harder and harder to stay positive as the weeks go by.
(No, it's not our obligation to make the devs "feel good". Don't get into a creative industry if you can't deal with harsh, honest criticism of your work.)