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Insurgency will never be competitive. The idea that it could ever compete with other competitive shooters is a bad joke.

Just ditch competitive matchmaking and put resources into something the community actually wants. Stop trying to force an e-sports scene to happen. All you'll be met with is failure and a disappointed community. The Quake Champions developers tried desperately to force a competitive scene into existence and all it resulted in was the game being publicly ridiculed by the entire FPS community and subsequently dying off.

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Ever since the buff to the bots' accuracy, there's basically only one way to play checkpoint effectively: Rush the fuck out of the objectives. No teamwork, no working as a squad, no tactics other than rush rush rush. Why is that? Because the bots have stupidly good accuracy and will ALWAYS win in medium and long range engagements unless you get incredibly lucky. It's ridiculous just how precise they are. They see so much as a pixel of you sticking out from hundreds of meters away, you're hosed.

The roles are basically irrelevant. You can't setup an overwatch with an LMG because you'll just get sniped the moment you start firing. You can't setup sight lines to snipe from long range because you'll get counter sniped almost instantly. You have to push the objective as fast as possible and never stop moving because for the bots' terminator like accuracy at range, they fall apart in challenge in CQC. They love to form conga lines when pushing into objectives, so you can just leisurely pick them all off as they slowly creep through a doorway. They'll never take a proactive approach to defense and will always just sit in corners waiting for the players to kill them. Get yourself a handful of incendiary grenades / molotovs and you can form an impenetrable defense by setting doorways on fire. The bots will just stand in the fire as it sears the flesh off their bones. Molotov a doorway during a counter attack and watch the charred bodies pile up.

And the damn technicals. Trying to take one of those things out is a fool's errand because you'll most likely get a face full of .50 caliber the moment the gunner detects you. The thing is, it's not even like he's trying to suppress you. He fires one or two rounds to take out a player and immediately stops firing... it's like a bloody automated turret. Your best hope is blowing it up with a rocket shortly after it guns down one of your teammates and hasn't locked onto you yet.

Did I also mention helicopter support is entirely useless because every bot in the vicinity will lock onto it and gun it down in seconds? It doesn't even matter if you try to protect the heli from RPGs because it will be destroyed by small arms fire in literal seconds.

But here's what gets me... all of these are things we've been complaining about since INS:Source. Why has the AI not advanced in the slightest in 4 years??

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I'm tired of the devs' response whenever microtransactions brought up being, "We're thinking about it."

Just tell us upfront whether you're planning to charge money for cosmetics. I'm going to be extremely pissed off if several months down the line, microtransactions suddenly get dropped on us out of nowhere. And of course by then, nobody will be able to refund and the devs won't feel any consequences for f*cking over their fans. I already had that happen to me in Killing Floor 2.

I'm completely, 100%, vehemently against the idea of microtransactions in a buy2play game. It's disgusting and wrong that this ever became common practice, let alone accepted. I put money down on Sandstorm for the promise that I wouldn't have pieces of the game parceled out as in-game purchases. Your players have already told you in both the closed alpha and first beta that cosmetics were too grindy to unlock. Yet your response is to increase that grind...

It smells very fishy.

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Please stop. Remove that stick from your rear end and just have some fun for once.

I'm getting really sick and tired of people getting upset over what happens during warmup even though it doesn't affect their stats at all. Everyone should know by now that warmup is basically a mess where people goof around for a few seconds. It's rarely an indicator of how the match is actually going to go. People usually quit screwing around and start taking the game seriously once warmup is over and the match begins proper.

Except there always has to be that guy who has to get butt hurt and vengeful over some playful trolling. Had a round where the first thing this player did was empty his M249 into me as soon as the round started because I killed him a few times with the shotgun during warmup (Which again doesn't matter because those deaths don't count against him and I stopped the TKing shenanigans as soon as the match started proper). FFS, people, have a sense of humor. Stop taking everything so personally all the time...

In fact, just get rid of pre-game warmup. With the number of times matches have devolved into childish bickering and back-and-forth team killing just because of some crap that happened during warmup that doesn't f*cking matter, it's just not worth it. I don't know what's happened to this community. It's nothing but trolls and people rage quitting now.

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Light armor is negligible at best. Heavy armor only makes a difference against 9 guns, 3 of which can one-shot you anyway under the right circumstances.

Devs, just get rid of armor if you’re going to keep nerfing it so much.

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So while I was initially stoked to get my hands on the game, as the weeks have gone by I've found myself putting less and less time into it. Now, I play maybe one or two matches total a day before I just turn it off and go play something else. Main reasons:

  • Lordy, this weapon balance. It makes Call of Duty 4 look like it had a well balanced arsenal. SMGs are just about useless in their current state. The MP7 is a decent gun, but it costs so much to get it configured in a way that makes it viable, and the Uzi is a joke gun in its current state. On top of that, bolt action rifles seem entirely redundant in comparison to DMRs. I get that's semi-realistic given the engagement distances depicted, but then why have them at all if they're going to be so useless?
  • Recoil. Crouch and your gun becomes a laser, rendering recoil control a redundant skill since it's almost completely mitigated just by changing stance. On top of that, compensators seem redundant since most weapons have almost no side to side recoil.
  • This freaking AI, man. We've discussed it at length, but it bears repeating that the AI should not have to cheat just to be a challenge. Bots basically know your location 24/7 and are absurdly accurate AND can outright break the rules and kill players through solid cover, as I've witnessed happening.
  • Not having everything instagib is a step in the right direction, but something really needs to be done about armor. Light armor is negligible in the protection it offers (I die just as fast whether I have light armor or no armor), and heavy armor only really makes a difference at long range and against certain guns, and even then, the difference is negligible.
  • I was quite pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the character customization, but I really don't like how certain things are set up. Why do I have to pay 200 credits just to roll up my sleeves? Seems like you could eliminate a lot of redundant items just by giving people the option to roll up their sleeves instead of making them pay for it. The random unlock you get after leveling up can be an item you already own, meaning you essentially get nothing.
  • No good way of dealing with griefers and trolls. I'm sorry, NWI, but you don't have an excuse for this. Team killing has been a sticking point in every game you've released in the past 4 years. There needs to be a matchmaking cool down of like 30 minutes to an hour for people who get booted from a match for excessive team killing. On top of that, there need to be harsher penalties for team killing in general to encourage people to actually identify their targets before shooting. I'm tired of clearing a building and eating half a magazine's worth of 5.56 from my teammate because he just couldn't be arsed to identify who he was shooting at.
  • This is a nitpick, but why are the reticles on electronic sights so fuzzy? They're annoyingly hard to see.

Yet, I'll admit, for all my bitching and nitpicking, I can see the great game here underneath all the problems. It seems like whenever the problems start to wear me down, there's a really cool moment that reinvigorates me and instills new hope. Last match, I ended up at the last objective as the last man standing on Crossing as the insurgents. No way I could fight that many operators by myself, so I got out my only molotov and tried to throw it onto the cache from a distance. Lo and behold, I arced my throw perfectly and saved the game. It's little moments like that where I can see the fun I could be having if it weren't for all these other problems dragging down the experience.

I dunno, maybe beta testing just isn't for me. If that's the case, I'll gladly wait until December to see if the problems get ironed out. I hope they do, because I can see the potential here underneath all the issues.

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I really hope AP doesn't come back. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I don't want 80% of the game's arsenal and an entire class of items being made redundant.

Plus, if you test it in local play, you'll see the time to kill isn't that bad. It's just the borked hit reg messing everything up, which will hopefully be fixed tomorrow.

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@fran-bow said in This game is terrible and not ready for release:

I think I speak for everyone

You don't speak for me, so stop acting like you are.

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It makes me question the value of light armor if I can still survive damage even without it. Not to mention it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you're not wearing armor, those bullets are falling on your unarmored skin, right? In that case, getting shot by pretty much anything should be instantly fatal unless it's like a small pistol caliber being fired from long range.

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There's dozens of battle royale games out there and more are coming out by the day. It'd be wasted resources for NWI to spend time developing a BR mode.

Why not just go play one of the already released BR games instead of trying to make this game into one as well?

(Though once modding support comes, have at it.)

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@ctbear1996 Same thing happened in INS2. The competitive community demanded a matchmaking and ranking system, of which they got both. Ranked competitive was dead within a month.

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@slazenger Except... it's not?

Funny thing is, I realized after about 10 hours the reason why I was having such a hard time killing enemies was because I was spraying bullets like a madman. Once I learned to control recoil properly (Stand still while shooting, hold breath if possible, use a stable firing stance like crouching, use mouse to correct for weapon kick, etc.) the TTK felt pretty much like INS:Source but without AP rounds making everything instagib.

But it's clear to me that both sides of the fence can't really come to an agreement. So we just have to agree to disagree.

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@thehappybub I've actually been wanting the devs to add a depth-of-field effect to most sights. Even if they don't want to take the sight body out of focus completely, it'd make for a more comfortable aiming experience.

And a DOF effect on iron sights would make them a lot more viable.

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@thehappybub And that's why I laugh at the idea of Insurgency ever being considered competitive.

Insurgency will never be competitive so long as NWI is okay with cheese tactics like this.

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