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First, the game is good. It makes me wish I had bought it on release.

Second, characters and story are great but I have no desire for a sequel.

Third, what I want is for this game to be wrapped in D&D lore. You need a heroic battle system in this game-play without ruining this game-play. You could then make modules. Find the battles.

Try the conversation struggle in quick concession with and without dialogue but resulting in actions and sometimes words. You can even use that unlock that happens but include the surrounding environment as well for special maneuvers. Assuming you have the proper skills, attributes and save rolls.

Imagine this. The first encounter with Emily on the docks is not only a conversation but also a sword fight. They have two fights going on: verbal and physical. The physical is relentless constant choices on the left. The verbal is slower pace choices on the right. Hold left or right button to determine what wheel you are currently choosing from when both are on screen. On top of it. Evade the lantern she throws at you. Highlight and knock over the barrel to stop her charge. Quick, highlight Emily's lips to side step past her thrust and kiss her on the lips.

The end result of her gutting you with a knife, falling in love with you, or you not kissing her at all but chopping off her head depends on all the other decisions you made up to that point, and your skills, traits, etc.

You have that game already. You just have to find the battles. Do it!

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The user interface does not make an easy to understand game, easy to understand for me. I played two or three battles before I realized why I had a genestealer squad in the first place.

Plus there are icons on the upper right corner of the screen that look like they should be accessible. I haven't figured how yet. I'm sure I will eventually.

Slightly concerned about online matches. The Marines will have to be ready to counter not only enemy movement on the board but also opponent card playing. Meanwhile the genestealer isn't pulling random blips anymore. That definitely changes the game.

I suspect like the board game the online matches will suffer from not being able to have fun even when you know you're going to lose. I think few suffer the frustration to experience losing in order to learn and will move on immediately. A shame really. Then again I'm cynical, not a professional and have no supporting evidence for my position.

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I like the game. I would like this sequel. Either a new story and new investigator. Or if you're daring the same investigator.

Get through one module and your character transfers to the next with your skills. Just add more skills, more difficult checks. Didn't play first module or didn't get through sane enough. Replay Pierce in new module to build up from his base skill levels. Simple really.

An ongoing Cthulhu campaign, at least a continuing series of one-shot investigations. Plus did you see how many skills there are in the tabletop rpg?

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I would argue existence is an infinite nothingness. Nothingness an inability to distinguish. We find ourself able to partly distinguish time, space, ourself. We rationalize our limited understanding into a "comprehensive whole." That doesn't exclude the existence of what we can't distinguish.

Our reason, imagination, madness is not greater than an infinite nothingness. We say, dream, believe nothing beyond existence.

Azathoth must exist as all things must exist whether material or immaterial, dreamed or struck. Someday the "comprehensive whole" will crack and fail. But not today.

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Between dreams and madness there is no reasoning.

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In Cthulhu it is better to be master of a few skills than an expert in many.

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One lantern leads you to the general vicinity of the next step. The other lantern takes the next step. Don't run out of oil.

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Rather than rebuild an entire game that is already solid; I'd like to see additional dlc in the form of new stories.

Example. Regardless of the ending Reid returns to his family home. Dead citizens are replaced with new characters who act essentially the same had the originals not died. New investigations, a new main story line, new multiple endings.

If Lady Ashbury is still alive perhaps she can return as well, with both living apart in their respective homes or together. Perhaps we can choose to play one or the either with each dlc.

In short, nothing changes as far as the locations or the game mechanics. Just new stories and new citizens sprinkled in from dlc to dlc when previous citizens die.

I would also suggest when a district is "lost" rather than kill everyone off just make them unavailable as the guard locks the district down and roams those streets in heavy numbers. At least until the next dlc.

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Spoilers. Stop reading.

Considering the time since you originally posted the question. You probably already have your answer or have lost interest.

The good doctor was bit and dried of blood by a vampire. His body thrown into a mass grave by undertakers. He was then chosen by a creature made entirely of blood who sired his vampire existence.

After unwittingly draining blood from his sister, the good doctor holds her close to his face. Her face pressed firmly to his wounded neck now flush with her own blood and that of the good doctor's progenitor.

The power of the progenitor's blood is enough to satiate a skal's appetite for eternity, create a vampire with a drop of blood placed on dead lips, and allow the good doctor to not have to feed on citizens.