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Will Xbox get the cistern, too?

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First off, I'd like to thank you for making sht. I like it a lot.

My problem is, that whenever I try to share a self made mission, it says "servers are offline".
It does that immediately, when I hit the button.

I am on xbox one btw.

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I am new to this forum and am playing mudrunner on Xbox One. I love it.
I know some people did not really like american wilds but for me it was awesome. I really like the trucks and cars. The Bison looks like a toy truck I had as a child.

The thing is, that I am never really informed about mudrunner-related stuff.
Basically I hear about DLCs on the day they are released.

What I now found out is, that there might be one last DLC for mudrunner and mudrunner 2 is in developement.
Is that true?

And is anything known about the plans for the dlc and mudrunner 2?
Will MR2 have a career, customization and more "known" trucks?