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Returning player from the first Spintires,i like to learn, dismantle,disassemble,improve and create in various field like 3d,programing,electronic,mecanic.

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Thank you for the amount of information centralized in that thread.

3dsmax student registration form wich lead to dowload and a valid license

As for the exporter:

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The cliping can happen on stock map as much as moded one nothing is different beside some extreme map,and in real life when you are in a really bad posture or some really bad terrain you can have your tire touch mudguard or anything else who happen to be above.
In Mudrunner i never saw collision set to be active between the wheel model and the truck model to generate friction and avoid cliping,since when you reach the moment the wheel clip through she can still rotate freely when in some case it shouldn't.
Anyway all this require a more refined collision model and extra coding to define the force applied to determine the amount of friction occuring and finally allow you to move the truck or someone towing you, wich is something will could see in the future maybe.

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A few game i played had option in their menu or keybinding for the restriction we run into right now most are mmo or third person based game and the option are the following:
-slider in the menu to adjust camera max distance from the player position
-key binding to switch to freeview and move the camera where you want but there is still some limit set depending on the game
-key binding to cycle through different camera distance preset most of the time three or four
-key binding to shift left or right the camera from the player position or an option in the menu to set that as a preference
-option to disable camera collision so when you turn your camera for exemple near a wall in Mudrunner the camera will not glitch and just pass through texture or a part of it, this one is really rare and pretty self explanatory why

But even with all those listed above if you enter a high density forest for exemple the only remaining solution is cockpit view,since top view will probably useless due to the foliage,same situation in a narrow tunnel,otherwise for the rest we need more option to chose from and set the camera.

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What s annoying, to fix all that stuff you have to bypass steam security and game filecheck to change the xml.
Also for a paid dlc it can be a bit disapointing to charge people and get bug like that and unfinished model.

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Funny story 🙂 on a really good map.

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Western Star truck has wrong position for the trailer make it stick to the frame we don't even see the fifth wheel anymore.

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Without going to 64bit straight, they could add an option to launch with Large Address Aware flag wich is really basic even Autodesk used that trick on some of there CAD software to circumvent that same problem we are facing right now.
Sure you still have to be carefull to not throw 10 to 15 mods plus a map.

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I just gave up spent a lot of hours trying on this without any result, and also no i don't have any remaning folder from Spintires and made sure of that,i think it s related to steam cloud or something who keep information and shouldn't.
Also the notepad ++ plugin refuse to work properly too,spend a lot of time trying to find a solution, i found somewhat a fix but it s just not reliable enough to work with.
The goal was to upload a truck model made from scratch but if you have to spend more time on troubleshooting and wipe out each time all your xml and rename everything because somewhere there is something reading up your setting and messing eveyrthing up it s a nightmare specialy when there is a lot of addon involved.

On a side not i suspect win10 and notepad ++ and his plugin to not get along very well.
I speak about win 10 updated not six month late because some of them can have some effect on Notepad ++ and their addon.

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Since today i had a really annoying issue who make the Editor unusable,some files(xml,mesh,etc) are uploaded even though they don't exist or are hiden in the mod folder of the editor.
Also we have some random file suppressed from the mod folder too.
Right now we are two person with the same problem.
Is there a specific folder where the editor is potentially using as temp/cache folder beside appdata and the main folder?
Is there some kind of cloud based data?

We tried the following:
-uninstall the editor
-suppress the mod folder
-suppress the mod from the workshop
-wipe appdata mudrunner folder and editor folder
-steam file check
-tried to upload a basic truck didn't work and my mod was still uploaded
-tried to upload empty folder to steam my mod is still present untouchedđŸ˜”

Now the whole mod is corrupted in the workshop and missing some file, and have some i removed on previous upload.

Also on a side note when a mod is uploaded there is no real information about the success of the upload, the small windows with a progress bar is progressing then shutdown and that s it ,nothing in the output section either but you can still have a corrupted upload.
Any answer on this would be appreciated.

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