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An update to say that Earthblood won't be shown at GamesCom (August 21-25).


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A french article on with Cyanide's Patrick Pligersdorffer.

Werewolf is definitely caught in some company politics at this time, but hopefully it doesn't affect the development team too much. But I can imagine it's a bit of a four-way corporate street here (White Wolf, Cyanide, Focus, BigBen finding the path forward).

Call of Cthulhu , Space Hulk: Tactics and Necromunda (since Rogue Factor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyanide) will remain published by Focus. As Werewolf's exit is further away, we talk with Focus and BigBen to see which solution would be best for everyone. Once again, we try to do all this in good intelligence.

Patrick Pligersdorffer on creative freedom after the buyout.

Does being redeemed really mean, as the saying goes, less freedom but more security?
For the moment, it's hard to say. A priori, it's safer, that's for sure. After, in the negotiations, the freedom aspect was very important for us. For the moment, the upcoming projects we are discussing are in line with what we were doing before or what we wanted to do in the process. If we manage to show that BigBen can trust our editorial choices, I think it will be more security for so much freedom, hehe ... That's the goal on our side anyway.

Another view on the Focus buyout that didn't happen (summary: head of Focus left shortly after his suggestion to buy Cyanide was shot down by the board).

We wondered at Factor if the resignation of Cédric Lagarrigue of the head of Focus was not related to the acquisition of Cyanide by BigBen? Cyanide was one of their main collaborating studios, so it must have been a bit of a pique at home.
There is obviously a link. Cedric was more than just a partner. It was also and it's still a friend. Focus and Cyanide grew together for 17 years and obviously Focus was one of the potential buyers of Cyanide. It did not happen for a variety of reasons. The non-redemption of Cyanide by Focus was part of Cédric's departure but there were also other topics. I think it is rather to the Supervisory Board of Focus that the question must be asked. I think that indeed our departure is a bit on the spot but we will see in the long term how it goes for them as for us. Focus will have to compensate for the departure of our "catalog". After, developer projects, it is not what is missing. With the departure of Cedric, it starts to do a lot.

Cyanide has several subsidiary studios, apparently.

The Council is developed at Big Bad Wolf, it makes me think that you regularly subcontract your developments. This was the case forOf Orcs and Men at Spiders for example. Why ? And why not expand the team at Cyanide?
We outsource because it is easier to work with a team in place than to build a team of any room. By cons Big Bad Wolf is also a subsidiary of 100% Cyanide so it is not exactly outsourcing. We just chose to create a kind of "label" for this type of game with the Bordeaux team.

So wait I missed something. Cyanide how many subsidiaries today? I was convinced that Big Bad Wolf was independant, even though I know that some elders of Cyanide founded it. Cyanide is dominating the world and nobody told me anything?
We have 2 subsidiaries: Rogue in Canada and BBW in Bordeaux, that's all. We prefer to present them as independent, it gives more media coverage in fact!

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Life-signs from the project: yesterday they tweeted they are are looking to hire a Lead Artist and Lead Animator.

My speculations would be that they've gotten the core gameplay in place and are aiming to go into full production, or just simply that their fairly substantial influx of money from the BigBen deal allowed them to expand their team. Either way it's good.

And this thread on found an article from the April 2018 GamesMaster issue which says release is winter 2019. Considering we haven't seen a single in-game shot yet I'm not surprised.

The next big thing we should keep our ears up for would be GamesCom in Germany between August 21-25. Hopefully they'll throw us a bone.

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During March Cyanide Studios was acquired by the french publisher BigBen, acquiring for some 20M€ a total of 100% of their shares and voting rights.

BigBen's press release can be downloaded as PDF here. gives some light on Cyanide's current projects, namely that Focus Home Interactive will still be publishing Werewolf, among other games.
Edit: Added more quotes from the article that are more positive toward the situation.

Bigben Interactive published the very first Horse Racing Manager game in 2003 (its only past publishing partnership with Cyanide), although Focus Home Interactive has published the majority of Cyanide's titles since.

While Cyanide is already going to broaden Bigben's catalogue, the studio is hoping its new parent company's resources will allow it to similarly diversify its own development slate. CEO and co-founder Patrick Pligersdorffer will remain in charge of Cyanide and retain creative autonomy.

The acquisition is expected to close in June 2018. Cyanide will maintain its existing agreements with publishers, with Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Space Hulk: Tactics to be published by Focus Home Interactive.

On a related side note, from an article from RockPaperShotgun:

French newspaper Le Monde relay word from secret sources that Focus’s management had tried to buy Cyanide but the board shot it down. Supposedly, Le Monde say, this is one of the reasons why Focus president Cédric Lagarrigue resigned in April. Oh, Le Monde also say that the Tour de France license–made into management games by Cyanide–will stay with Focus but claim Cyanide are negotiating to nab the rights.

At this point we don't know anything about the game aside from interviews and concept art, and now this, so I'm legit a bit worried. Them bailing out on showing up for E3 hasn't helped. 😞

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Wow, I missed that completely. I can imagine they'll have to do some underlying restructuring with this, heck this entire forum is owned by Focus Home Interactive.
I don't t think anyone really knows the state of the project at this point - we haven't seen anything playable or tangible yet - but one can hope that it doesn't get caught and cut in the process. 😞

EDIT: Luckily (depending on how you see it), seems like Focus Home Interactive is still going to publish Call of Cthulhu, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Space Hulk: Tactics.

P.S: Here's an article from RPS about it for those who want to read a bit.

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And in a very sad turn of events, we won't be seeing Earthblood at E3 this year.

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An interview on the swedish site with Tobias Sjögren gives some additional insight on engine and release date (add a healthy dose of salt to that statement, especially if it's not coming from Cyanide Studios themselves). Translated by yours truly.

Sjögren: "The game is coming to PC and console and is being created in the Unreal-engine. The genre is action RPG. The goal is for the game to be released during the first half of 2019."

And completely unrelated to Earthblood, Sjögren mentioned about the possibility of TV-serie(s) based on World of Darkness.

Interviewer: "In an older youtube video you mentioned it would be a failure from your side to not have a Netflix-series based on the World of Darkness universe within a couple of years. Can you elaborate? Are there any plans for a series today?"

Sjögren: "Yes, and by Netflix we are talking about streaming services in general, there are after all several options in that field. First and foremost we believe that we (White Wolf) have a lot of stories to tell that would fit extremely well as TV-serie(s), and we work with the ambition to have something on the market as early as 2020. So the work from our side is well under way. One particular trap we're trying to avoid is not having full control over the rights, so we don't e.g. get in the same situation as Skybound with their IP 'Walking Dead' where the universe exists in two versions. One is based on the TV-series that is produced by AMC, and the other is the comic (the original). Therefore we're not going for the first license-offer we come across with the highest guarantee. We're looking for a serious collaboration and hoping to produce several parallel TV-series such as Marvel have done on Netflix with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and so on."

The german site also made a write-up of the same article.

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Discord user Razaman just recently shared some never seen before images! (I'll update with source later if possible how he/she found them)

Edit: From the official World of Darkness page in the Werewolf section.
Edit: Apparently these images have titles! Source.

Wendigo Crinos

When will you rage

Umbral lands

The last tree

No title

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PC Gamer article appeared on Discord a few weeks ago so here it is.


Not much new here, except that the player can lunge from vents in wolf form and attack guards. Still amazed that the games journalists can't fact-check 'Crinos form'.

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Hey @netheos! Thought I'd give you that March reminder. I've scouted these images from tweets and the GameReactor video, but haven't seen any high resolution versions of them in any article so far.

Might be an intentional move from you guys - but that's where my puppy eyes come in. 👀 They look great.

P.S. Is the title Earthblood or Earth Blood by the way?




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