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Could deaths and injuries other than badly hurt be more restricted? Those ideas for abregating those results after the match seems plausible.

I personally like the idea of making claw reduce armour by one point (and perhaps make mighty blow only affect injuries)...makes a.v. 9 and the like still actually really valuable and valid throughout. Piling on is kind of a thing which I don't mind per-se. In combo with MB and claw it's killer stuff, but I've always liked the idea that it has a gamble element, putting the user on their ass and making them vulnerable in a way.

Do we need injuries beyond BH and MNG anyway? I can't say I'd mind, would anyone else? Does anyone need death and stat reducing injuries to be present to enjoy the game? Mebbe there's a case to be made but it does feel like agi teams with expensive players are a bit more up against it, especially with that 'any more than 150k saved gold counts against TV'. It does feel valid to say that the rules designed for a tabletop game should be open to development and changes to fit this environment, especially since we're on what, living rulebook version 7 now? Regular changes and tweaks are a consistent element of these rules and have been since it began.

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They should be available in all game modes. Has the download completed correctly? It should give you those pop up messages when each team and expansion is completed. You may need to check your download queue. For me, it downloaded, installed each update and team one-by-one, notified me, and then let me know it was ready to launch. It should do so with you. Otherwise, try uninstalling and re-installing everything from scratch and leave it until complete. If it still doesn't work, get in touch with the devs, they will help.
And beware! The offline AI is woefully incompetent! It great for familiarizing yourself with the trams and rules, but will not provide a significant challenge that'll prepare you for an actual human opponent!

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All sounds like good advice. 'Play a kill-team and kill them!' Is also valid, but it's not really the path I want to take!
The tale of the Chaos team who can, you know...actually play Blood Bowl is interesting.

I'm sorely tempted to build a non-kill chaos team. With mutations like two-headsr, big hand, extra arms, foul appearance and such, it would be possible to create an interesting running team of reeeeeeally freaky-lookin' misfits! Maybe have one claw-pomber and one fouler just to keep them other kill teams in line, but yeah, play a Chaos squad in a more ball-oriented manner. Could be fun!

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Ok! Sounds like a plan. It'll take some adaptation to get used to Skaven but you know, there's enough pure-bash out there and it's kinda the easy option so I'm ready to get my rat on!

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You know the type; Chaos, complete with claws, Mighty blow and Piling on all over the shop.
The Ball is treated like a graphical flourish more than an integral element of the game as trying to force a concession is the priority for this kill-capable, murder--happy 'team'.

It's a valid and let's face it, boring and cheesy way to play Blood Bowl. Is there a team that does not succumb to the murderous desires of The Chaos Kill-Squad and can abregate some of their efficiently violent capabilities? I was thinking Skaven or Wood Elves. Most of their team have AV7, so Claw is abregated and they're kinda geared toward evading confrontation. Having said that, The Skaven can get access to Claw-Pomb.

So, While other lumbering 'bash' teams are the prime prey for The Chaos Killers, does anyone have any advice on surviving and defeating that effective, boring and frustrating type of encounter?

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Thanks for the input all. I certainly am.switched onto the idea of having a 'wrackler' Pest. Since I didn't relise it was actually a double roll, I went with dodge skill-up. I did got for another sure-hands on the other pest. That may have been a mistake but I had a game before I got these responses!

I'll know for the future. But from now on, all building goes towards sacking for one pest...killing power for everything else! I'm lacking heavy-hitters...

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Hi all,

I've had about a dozen matches with my Nurgle team. As it stands it runs at:
3 RR,
BoN with Guard,
Nurgle warrior,
NW W/block
2 x NW w/block and Guard,
Pest w/sure hands
Pest w/ block and dodge,
Pest w/block and mighty blow,
Rotter w/kick
2 x rotter.

The pest with sure-hands has a chance to have a typically available skill or movement or armour up.
The vanilla pest has also levelled up.

I'm torn because I like the idea of having 2 parts with sure-hands and ideally extra arms to deploy when receiving to ensure I pick up the ol' pigskin and can do so if there's a sacking, either on offense or defence.

I also like the idea of having at least one sacker with maybe wrestle, tackle, strip-ball.

I ALSO like.the idea of having some killers! MB, claw, Piling on, tackle, block, that kinda thing. Was likely going to develop the2 least developed NW's this way but it's sure be nice to have a more mobile option.

Where would the good people of this board go with their development plans?

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