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yep. still there after the hot fix, and affecting about 50% of games 😞

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Suddenly I'm getting a ton of game crashes in multiplayer as deployment is finished and the game tries to start.

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@trueluck said in Are Orks in this game orky enough?:

nd what are some of your favorite lines over the years that remind everyone th

What I really want is a stance called "ere we go, ere we go, ere we go" and while the ship is in it it regens morale and you can here them chanting it

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So things continue to go pretty well with the Kannon Korps. I decided that as tasty as the Deadnot Urdi Unki is that I wanted my flagship to be more mobile - There were ongoing problems keeping up with the targets I wanted to use my Traktor Kannon on - and so I decided to drop it down to a Terror Stompa, since that would give it a strong 2nd line role, extra scouting ability and the enhanced speed I was looking for

The reduction in toughness doesn't seem to have hurt me so far, keeping it closer to the rest of the fleet has offset that so far.

Kannon Korps v1.1
1 Cruiser Terror Stompa - Flagship
4 Cruiser: Killa
2 Light Cruiser: OrdzGarg Dakka
9 Escort: Onslaught

Skills: Stasis Bomb, Traktor Kannon Shot
Upgrades: Annuver Bridge, Kommando Training

The main predators for this fleet has been Hellbringer fleets, Slaughter Fleets and various Eldar. I'm experimenting with countering these threats by diving my fleet into smaller components (5 instead of 3), so as to overwhelm my opponents ability to micro against all of them and to threaten and scout very wide areas.

Edit: Okay, against these very mobile fleets you absolutely do not want to split up, instead blob up close & find a position to defend 3 points. Protect your escorts & flagship, and pick off enemy ships with careful Traktor Kannon shots. Ideally have a close by dust cloud or asteroid field for re-concealing your ships.

I realised I wasn't making enough use of the Ordnance on the Terror Stompa (especially since when I put it behind the front line that blocked the torps) so I dropped it:

Kannon Korps v1.2
1 Cruiser: Killa - Flagship
4 Cruiser: Killa
3 Light Cruiser: OrdzGarg Dakka
7 Escort: Onslaught

Skills: Stasis Bomb, Traktor Kannon Shot
Upgrades: Annuver Bridge, Kommando Training

Current League: Legendary 9

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Hi JawRippa, thanks for your comments in the other thread, thought I'd just move my list into this thread:
"Kannon Korps"
1 Battleship: Deadnot Urdi Unki - Flagship
4 Cruiser: Killa
2 Light Cruiser: OrdzGarg Dakka
8 Escort: Onslaught

@jawrippa said in Ork Gunline Fleet:
I think that what makes your fleet viable are Onslaughts. They are ridiculously good for their cost, and when amassed can wreck any ship, provided that they won't get rammed at it.

Your fleet looks solid. The only thing I slightly dislike is lack of zoning tools via torps or any protection from carriers. However you should obliterate anything if you've managed to catch it in stasis bubble and get within 4.5k. I'd say that anuver deck is almost mandatory for you, because without lock on your DPS will drop significantly and most people target decks vs orks.

Also I'd recommend moving the thread to the faction discussion board

Agreed on your points re: zoning tools, I run with Anuver Deck, Kommando Training, Stasis Bomb and Tractor Beam and the hardest matches I've played were against Slaughter fleets and Hellbringer Fleets both of which pecked the orcs to death in slow & agonising style.

Interesting to hear your assessment of Onslaughts, their qualities hadn't revealed themselves to me because I'd been running 3 of them in previous (Battleship based) fleets. Once you start winning it can sometimes be hard to analyse what the cause of your success is - Iack of replay mode is a problem here - I hadn't considered that massed Onslaughts might actually a key part of it because I tend to just push them around quickly and then go back to micro'ing the cruisers & flagship around.

I've found with Orcs my morale issues were resolved by mashing that Nobz Bullying button and keeping the Flagship off the front line for Rally actions, there's rarely anything that really needs repairing. Caution around Imperial Torp based lists of course.

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So as a follow on the the Mega Kannon Artillery thread, this is my current list:

  • 1 Battleship: Deadnot Urdi Unki - Flagship
  • 4 Cruiser: Killa
  • 2 Light Cruiser: OrdzGarg Dakka
  • 8 Escort: Onslaught

I finally broke rank 10 and from the faction specific Perks 'Kommando Training' and 'Red Wunz Go Fasta' are immediate stand outs, what do people like?

I'm currently lurking around in Silver and Gold leagues, is this list going to become useless against more skillful admirals?

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Does no one remember having a cruiser just disapear to massed boarding torpedoes?

Now sure, I don't bother when a ship just has a handful of stacks, but when the flagship suddenly gains 15 stacks I mash that fist without hesitation.

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I think the game needs tactics that are at least semi-viable for every level of skill, and this seems to be one that is useable by those of at least moderate skill.

And certainly it will reward higher skill level and better control as you learn to split up your 12-20 ships into fire teams, whilst also making effective use of your abilities.

It also requires you to get up close with a ship that is not particularly fast or manoeuverable, making for very dynamic and interactive play.

So I like it, and wish the game had more builds and systems that fostered this kind of play

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Okay, so I've played several games with this build now, it's gone much better than my frustrating Terror Ship and Deadnot based lists:

  • Deadnot Urdi Unki - Flagship
  • 8 Light Cruiser OrdzGarg Dakka
  • 2 Ramship Brute

Disclaimer: These games were played after a long loosing streak, so it could be I was getting matched against weaker opponents than previously. I think the build could use some adjustment since I was mainly micro-ing Light Cruiser packs around and under-using the Flagship. I did not play against a carrier fleet, so can't speak to how that would have turned out.

I've been very impressed & surprised with how well it's competed compared to my usual Tripple Deadnot & MegaRok build. The large ship count, robustness of ork light cruisers has meant I've been able to pin enemy Eldar fleets against board edges, and it's easy to pull a single ship off out of the pack to capture a point whilst continuing to engage the enemy with the other 3-7.

Having so much damage front-loaded out the cannons was good, then turning to rake them with the broadsides and initiate boarding actions all worked well. The long reload times meant you really could get full value out of a couple of arcs on the same target.

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I've hardly ever seen a Mega-Kannon take a shot, I'll try a build with them now and report back.

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