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I also can't wait, I have a friend that refuses to play the game until private lobbies are released because of incompetent teammates on insane or TK's on very hard.

This should be a priority release, hopefully its not on the back burner.

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Future DLC Class Ideas:

Technology/Disrupter class: Maybe can call in a drone, or has a drone that can either heal, or attack in as equipment usage for certain amount of time.

  • This would be different from the hunter (scout) class that I mentioned with a pet companion. That can locate and ping equipment, and specials. and etc.

Leader class: Passive and possible active team damage reductions, causes zombies to maybe do less, or increases team base life. Something along the sorts but isn't a master of none, (can't replace medic stim shots, can't replace gunslingers friendly fire reduction) Possibly increases defense by like 15% or something of that nature. Equipment could be something like war cry and makes zombies attacks the leader which, with more zombies attacking the leader his defense is up. ^Now that'd be a fun class.

Heavy Weapon class: Class starts with heavy weapons and uses it as primary as well. maybe the only class that can hold two heavy weapons. Most likely would agro a lot more mobs but this would be an a awesome class.

Stealth Class: One that can escape more, possible equipment would be a spray that makes the zombies scent lose you. Can't replace masking grenade because it's less wide spread. More independent focused class, on getting objectives and scouting ahead for items.

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Thank you Developers for taking the time to read our thoughts and concerns in the future, nice to see a lot of ideas in the roadmap.

With that being said more thoughts and ideas!

  • If weekly challenges, it'd be awesome if it were seasonal weekly challenges. e.g. season 1 will be from May - July complete challenges to unlock unique rewards!

  • I don't know where this would appear, but it'd be awesome if we had character titles /or badges

Thanks again! P.S. can't wait for private lobbies!!

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Menu Addition:

Statistics; I've mentioned before that it'd be awesome to know our performance stats outside of the missions if possible. Also; in terms of the performance stats if we can get a stat that showed how much Friendly Fire, had been done would be awesome. . . Maybe it'll help people realize how much damage they're actually doing to their own team. Lol.

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@darc888_ch said in WWZ DLC: Community Suggestions!:

also, the missions are awesome but way too short! they are completed to quickly...would be cool if future missions would be like double the size at least if thats possible 🙂

Missions: I completely agree with longer Episodes, perhaps its not the chapter length in game, but how many chapters are included. After the hours I dropped into the game, future chapters and missions need a stronger 'call to action' This is what made Tokyo so good. New York was a great intro, the typical we need to survive and escape; however, we need more dangerous or haunting scenarios.

Gameplay: Timed puzzles are great, but we should definitely have more of them. Adds another layer and depth of the game.

Gameplay: Clues, or hidden items that unlocks lore either about the story, characters.

Gameplay: I assume future weapons may have different animations is why they're not included, it'd be awesome to have melee weapons held out as a slot like the chainsaw but not considered a heavy. I mean who wouldn't want to walk around with a shovel, or machete. You'd look pretty dope.

In Game Challenges: We should introduce civilian hostages, who are crying for help. Maybe its a time challenged in a chapter that we have to get to this person to save them, but their crys for help activate hordes, or attract special zombies.

Character Creation: Development of current survivors in future stories would be great, +get to reuse current voice actors. Also in the character dept. can we please have a Kanye west/Snoop Dogg character, just a character who is G. that'd be hilarious to play in future chapters.

Class Creation: Scout, with Dog Companion. Can sniff out and highlight creates, special zombies, future levels possible go to a teammate to unpin? Lol Possibilities endless and who wouldn't want a puppers.

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I believe your starting weapon should not be dictated by the class you are. We should be able to select our tier 1 weapons.

I can understand it to diversify team loadouts, however I think having the perks and equipment are enough beneficial diversification of squads.

For instance, when I play slasher, I would much rather be up in the front lines, with a shotgun, and if a shotgun doesn't get dropped from my teammates,,, hopefully found midway through the level (there were times when I reached the end cause my teammates grabbed shotgun and never had a chance until the end to use).

On that note, I know their are abilities that allow you to start with usually your tier 2 upgrade of the weapon/class you are. Maybe it should be reworked to state that you start with the upgraded tier 2 weapon of what your tier 1 is in general. Such as if I start with the compact smg, than I equip my perk that gives me a tier 2 primary of the starting weapon I have.

Thanks for a great job in this game.

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@peaches18 said in WWZ DLC: Community Suggestions!:

The content thats already on the game is great, but I have a few suggestions to enhance our WWZ experience. One suggestion is for future updates/content. I love the different array of Zeds. I was thinking it would be fun to put new and bit more dangerous types of Zeds to battle. Like a mutant or mini boss that add a little more variety. I would love to also see more campaign levels that take place in the states, and diverse depending on location.For instance maybe have a level set in Montana's mountains or woods or have a level set near historic locations would be pretty cool. Another suggestion that would keep me coming back for more, is maybe a community challenge for everyone that plays Wwz. Have challenges for people to work towards to unlock cosmetics/guns/melee weapons. Having those sort of things always makes me want try them out in battle. I even would love see weapons or somthing more personal for the characters to use. A horde survival mode would be great to. Also be fun to add little humor in the game with silly wepaons or outfits. New abilitys would be nice to. Overall the game is great so far. Im excited to see what is in store next for the WWZ community xx.

I love the idea of challenges, maybe they reward more coin, to purchase future cosmetics? 50 headshots in a match, kill 50 zekes with melee, there is so many challenges that can be created. The follow up question would be the type of rewards we would gain from said challenges.

In addition, if there was modifiers for ingame, like zombies only die by headshot, or take double damage, do double damage. You can use challenges that require you to use certain in game modifiers.

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Hello Team!

Based on the current game engine you guys are holding up to 500 zekes. Without creating a world war z 2; would you guys be able to upgrade that engine, or just possibly have the current engine have close to 750 - 1,000 zekes on screen?

Asking for a friend who loves carnage.

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@Raibi Thank you, we all have hopes that you guys will make this game great!

Oh! More future content thoughts:

  • Gameplay Idea: It would be great to see a statistics page in the main menu. We see our performance at the end, but it would be pretty awesome data to see our overall stats. It'd be nice to know I've reached 1 million zeke slayings, or that I've taken over 9000 damage... LOL

  • Weapon Idea: Duel Pistols 🙂

  • Character/Class Idea: A hunter class preferably Dog included, idk how this would be done, but it'd be awesome if the dog was a scout that could indicate chests and/or special zekes. Dog suggestion: German Shepard, Bulldog, or Chihuahua. lol but seriously 🙂

  • Character/Class Idea: Emotes, since it's 3rd person. it'd be cool to do like points, laughs, and etc. I understand this might be hard because you'd have to do more voice lines, and animation, but this would be awesome.

  • Episode idea: Abandoned Hospital map, start and then escape into some eerie woods?

  • Episode Idea: Washington DC, White House "save the president", or escape the white house; though unfortunately in the movie we know the president is dead and the couple cabinet members missing.

  • Holiday Events: Theme skins or zekes. E.g. Halloween swarms are skeletons, bulls are jack o lanterns, screamers are scarecrows, and gasbags are ghouls along with themed costumes/weapon skins.

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