Tasmania. Australia.
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[REDi]1R MAJ Acki.
Battalion Major.
[REDeye]1st Rifles Battalion.

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I am a senior member of the [REDeye]1st Rifles Battalion on-line gaming community. I have logged over 1100 hours in Insurgency, and have been involved in Insurgency: SANDSTORM since Alpha release with 144 hours logged so far.

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@chaton Not sure if this is relevant or not but also noticed the wheels and tyres on the technical not looking right either.2_1549013516402_20190201183608_1.jpg 1_1549013516402_20190201183558_1.jpg 0_1549013516402_20190201183555_1.jpg

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I have had this issue for some time. The sights on the MG placement on the back of the technical truck are just unusable. It hasn't always been like this as it wasn't during alpha or beta most of beta testing and not sure when it first started. I have made sure all NVIDIA drivers are up to date and I have tried many different combinations of in game video settings. My NVIDIA settings are all set as default from install. Included are some screenshots of what I see along with my in game video settings.3_1548846316710_20190130215903_1.jpg 2_1548846316710_20190130215848_1.jpg 1_1548846316710_20190114192902_1.jpg 0_1548846316709_20181231143822_1.jpg

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