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My in-game name is: Temptor

MSI M5 Gaming - Z370
i5 8600K
EVGA 650W G3 Supernova
GSkillz TridentZ RGB -16GB - 3200 MHz
Corsair 570X Case
Corsair H115i AIO cpu cooler

About me

My in-game name is Temptor.
Veteran of Insurgency. Always looking to play with other tactical-minded people. Always trying to give input to better the game. Ihope they NWI makes the performance better in Insurgency:Sandstorm.

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@mlb7 said in In-Game Currency System:

though. Please, everyone keep wearing those.

i dont understand , how am i trolling? I am being serious.

I dont think you are understanding what I'm saying. The devs should add a bunch of NEW attachments for the weapons and NEW uniforms and make it available only with in-game currency

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I just played a versus match, got first place and got 0 dollars for it. i have a whopping total of $450 after playing a mixture of Co-op and Versus for the past 2 weeks. Is this normal?

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Ok, so i feel like the game is running better now. not sure what happened. i wonder if the issue was on my end the whole time.

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First of all, I love the new Insurgency, it's fantastic. I played Insurgency 2014 for over 200+ hours too. BUT I feel as if I'm getting bored of the same game mode in Sandstorm.

I wish there was a true objective-based game mode. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the first to do this back in 2001.

Security Team : Offense | Insurgents Team: Defense
The Security Team must blow open a wall (only engineers can do this) to gain access to Insurgents compound. Search the compound for the secret documents, grab them and transmit the documents to HQ via radio ...BUT your team's radio is broken, you must find radio parts throughout the compound to fix the radio and transmit the documents.

The locations of radio parts change each game. So basically it's "one team offense, one team defense" . I think something like this would be really fun.

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I think u should be a ble to buy more attachments for your gun with in-game currency

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yes I experience that. I feel as if , the further i am away from my teammates or enemies the BETTER the game runs. The closer I am the more jittery it feels. Though, i have gotten used to it , unfortunately. I hope they fix it.

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I have an i5 8600k OC'd 4.3 Ghz on all cores , EVGA 1080 FTW and 16GB Gskillz TridentZ 3200Mhz with a 1080p 144Hz monitor.

It's close to what you have. There is NO way I can play this game on high settings let alone Ultra settings (very high) and get near 144fps. Your FPS will depend on what map your playing and where you are in the map. My settings are below...

  • Textures: High
  • Post-Processing: Medium
  • Everything else: Low
  • AA: FXAA
  • Supersampling resolution: x1.25 ( to make up for the low AA plus it makes the game look nicer. If you want to gain an extra 10fps, keep this setting turned off.)
  • Shadow resolution: both 512 x 512
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 8x

I'm sure i missed a few things but that's basically how I set my graphics for a high refresh rate monitor. The game still looks good at those settings too.Let me know how it goes.

I truly HOPE they can optimize this game better because it's so much fun...It would be a shame if they didnt 😞

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I would like to see more attachments (foregrips,barrel lengths, stocks,bodies, camos for firearms). You would need to buy these attachments with in-game currency.


as far as new guns I'd like to see...

1.) AS VAL / VSS
2.) MPX
3.) Tavor SAR
4.) The ability to make "SBR" versions of certain weapons ( short barreled rifles)

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I have noticed something about this game strange. During the "Match Warm Up" the game performs GREAT, sooth as could be. BUT when the match actually begins the choppiness and jitters begin. It makes ,me think the bad performance has to do with other players somehow. Also the close I get to players the more jitters I get.

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Welll, the game is still new. I'm sure they are working on optimizing it more. I will wit because i truly love this game

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