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My in-game name is: Temptor

MSI ACE Z390 motherboard
i7 9700K
Corsair H150i PRO 360mm AIO
GSkillz TridentZ RGB -16GB - 3200 MHz
Corsair 570X Case
WD Black m.2 NVMe SSD hard drive
Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD drive x2

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My in-game name is Temptor.
Veteran of Insurgency. Always looking to play with other tactical-minded people. Always trying to give input to better the game. DEVS! PLease fix the Push-to-Talk function! It stutters the game BADLY! Thank you!

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I love sandstorm but it would be even better with a true objective-based game mode.

Have you ever played the old game , return to castle wolfenstein? Or it’s newer version, wolfenstein: enemy territory? Do you remember the awesome objective-based game mode they had? That must be done in Insurgency:Sandstorm!

Imagine a game mode something like this...

Security team on Offense. Insurgents on defense.
The security must advance toward the insurgent compound where you must have a demolition class use his C4 to blow a hole in the concrete wall. Once you gain entry into the insurgent compound, search for the secret documents ( the position of them change every round)
Once you acquire the documents, your team must build a radio from parts you find scattered throughout the map and transmit the documents to HQ to win.

Of course , while the security team is attempting to do all of this, the Insurgent team is working on stopping them from gaining entry, finding the secret war documents and transmitting them.

No game has done anything like this since 2001 Wolfenstein. I think this would make for an amazing, fun experience.

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So, I have 2 complaints about the communication system or VoIP system in sandstorm.

1.) when I use the Push-to-Talk function, the game stutters heavily. It stutter right when I hit the push to talk button and it lasts for only a second but it’s enough to NOT make me want to communicate with team mates. I’ve askes many many people if they have this issue and everyone said they do not. I feel as if I’m the only one who has it. Someone told me it may be an internet bandwidth issue? I am using WiFi. I wonder if it’s the culprit of my voip stutter/lag.
NOTE: this never happened a couple of months ago, the voip used to work perfectly. This VoIP issue started back in April, it wasn’t the latest update that did it. What gives?

2.) I’m sure you gotten MANY complaints about this. VoIP suddenly not working and all you hear is an annoying beep. Is this by design?

I love this game and can’t wait to see what lies ahead! Maybe more gun mods that you buy with ingame currency (NO advantage, it’s just for looks). Skin modding? No bright colored COD-style skins. Just realistic mods to the skins and maybe resolution mods to make the guns look even better and realistic •. The sky is the limit with this game! Keep up the good work guys!

-Temptor - aka Johnny5Tech (search YouTube for johnny5tech or temptorenthusiast gaming)

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Somehow, the push to talk function is broken now. Every time I press my push to talk button, it stops the game for a second. It never used to do this. It is impossible for me to communicate in this game now. Can you please take a look at this problem, i don't know if everyone is having it but i know a few people I have talked to are. Please, i want top be able to talk with teammates again. Thank you

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Thanks for the response. I absolutely love this game, but if I cant relay enemy positions or tell my squad about an impending A-10 warthog gun run, I can't play the game properly.

Thank you for passing this on to the dev team. This is just a guess but maybe the reason the game hitches when pressing push-to-talk is due to network bandwidth issues?

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WELL, im back......and so is the problem. The push to talk function stutters the hell outta may game. unreal....

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OK, this is just really BAD timing. Right after I wrote that, I went and played the game. the Push-To-Talk problem didn't happen! I guess it's fixed? If it happens again, I will return and moan about it. lol.

Hey devs, keeps woprkin on this game, its a lot of fun and everyone I know likes it. Maybe a new objective based gamemode? or new maps/weapons? 😉

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I haven't played in about a month. But when I began to play again last week, i noticed something wrong with the push-to-talk function.
Every time I hit my assigned Push-to-talk button there is a short 0.5 second pause , the WHOLE game pauses/ stutters. I simply cant communicate with teammates without it stuttering hard. I tried reinstalling the game onto my M.2 NVMe drive and the problem still persisted.

This is extremely frustrating! I'm a very communicative person ( well i used to be) in this game. Anyone else having this problem?

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@mlb7 said in In-Game Currency System:

though. Please, everyone keep wearing those.

i dont understand , how am i trolling? I am being serious.

I dont think you are understanding what I'm saying. The devs should add a bunch of NEW attachments for the weapons and NEW uniforms and make it available only with in-game currency

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I just played a versus match, got first place and got 0 dollars for it. i have a whopping total of $450 after playing a mixture of Co-op and Versus for the past 2 weeks. Is this normal?

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Ok, so i feel like the game is running better now. not sure what happened. i wonder if the issue was on my end the whole time.