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@mashiara said in POLL: IMMERSIVE CLAN SYSTEN:

200x30USD is 6k, it won't pay a tiny fraction of developing, maintaining and supporting such system.

Sure, if for every current player there would 200 lining up to buy immediately if there just was a "clan system", then it could make sense to develop one (but let's be realistic). Also not everyone is going to agree on how exactly it should be implemented.

So again; do it "by the community for the community" -style, if people disagree strongly on the system used in one "clan league" they can start their own (with "blackjack and hookers" as Bender would say).

Are you like 8 years old? Do you have any comprehension how a Clan Supported game works? 6k?

Clan Supported games support 8 vs 8, 16 vs 16, 24 vs 24, 32 vs 32 or 64 vs 64 player game rooms. Look at the old SOCOM games. Or Battlefield 3. Or Battlefield 4... whatever.

You need to get a clue kid. Your post makes no sense.

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This is from a Year ago.... and still nothing out for PS4. This "Teaser" is growing moss on it......

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What is the player count game room size?

5 vs 5? 12 vs 12? 16 vs 16? Larger?

Large online PS4 War Clans can have well over 100 to 200 members, looking to play their games together. If Sandstorm can only support small game rooms... we can't use it.

24 vs 24 using Custom User Private Servers is a minimum. 48 vs 48 player game rooms would be our choice.

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@olyyourfriend said in Practice Range?:

practice range

Along with a "practice range".... it would be great to have a visitor viewing Spectator mode.

Battlefield 4 on the PS4 had a "Spectator Mode", where a non-player could go into an active game room and just watch a game in progress. I loved BF4's Spectator Mode to learn the maps and how players competed in the maps. You could follow one player around as they fought. Or watch two aircraft fight in mid-air as if you were there. Spectator Mode was almost as fun to use as playing the game itself.

A Sandstorm "Spectator Mode" would be outstanding and add a lot to the game!!

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Speaking of Sandstorm vehicles.... just what does the game provide?

As you all know... the PS4 Battlefield games give the players just about everything they want to drive or fly. I'm a Battlefield pilot and would like to see jets and helicopters in Sandstorm. Will Sandstorm give us these??

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Without a good and complete Clan Support System in Sandstorm... my 200+ member online PS4 War Clan won't even consider playing this game.

Also Sandstorm must have User Custom Private Servers to RENT or BUY, to host Private and public Clan Wars and Tournaments. If we can't control the game and customize it to our needs... we'll look elsewhere.


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I'm surprised that so many in the Poll don't want Clan System features in Sandstorm.

Our online PS4 War Clan won't even consider buying Sandstorm if it's a little co-op game or only 5 vs 5 game rooms. When you have well over 100+ members in your Clan... these types of little online games won't get a second look by us.

A game developer can make a game to sell one copy just to me... or 200+ copies to each member in my entire War Clan.

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Thanks for your reply!

My large PS4 online War Clan is hopeful that Sandstorm could meet our needs. We desperately need a new online War game that we can all play together. It's been a long dry spell after our last Clan War shooter game and we've mostly retired our PS4s until a great game hits the market. We've got money in hand... and we're ready to buy!

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Some of these questions were asked in these forums last year with no answers or replies. So lets try again....

Insurgency: Sandstorm for the PS4 or later on the PS5, could fill a large TEAMWORK, STRATEGY AND TACTICS gaming hole left by all the CoDs, H-Hour, Battlefield 4, BF1 and now BFV. And that would be a great Modern Warfare Tactical Shooter, similar to SONY's SOCOM and later in Battlefield 3.

  1. Will Insurgency: Sandstorm for the PS4 have Custom User Private Servers for private Clan Wars and or Private or Public based Tournaments? This is a major requirement for large online War Clans to buy and play Insurgency: Sandstorm.

  2. Will 'Sandstorm' have Clan Support? Larger private groups of players in Clans require complete Clan Support to buy, play and support a game like Sandstorm. SOCOM and Battlefield 3 had good Clan Support with Private Servers. It seems War shooter games with Clan Support are no longer developed for gamers today. One Large online PS4 War Clan could purchase dozens or hundreds of Sandstorm game copies, if the game contained Clan Support. If no Clan Support... we can't use the game. And there are thousands of online War Clans that could buy Sandstorm!!

  3. Will 'Sandstorm' only support small player game rooms of 5 vs 5, or can the game support larger teams of say, 12 vs 12, 16 vs 16 or 24 vs 24 or larger?

  4. Will 'Sandstorm' support independent Squads inside a larger War Team? Say 4 Squads of 6 players each. For a total team of 24 players on one side? The enemy side would have the same makeup.

  5. Will 'Sandstorm' support an in game User Custom Communication System between players? Or is it all team players, all talk at the same time? "ALL TALK" at the same time makes for real chaos in game. I can't find any intel on the Communication System in 'Sandstorm' in the forums. "Push to Talk", that was in the SOCOM games was a great system.

I have other questions... but lets start with these.

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