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The middle east has seen a plethora of varying arms and armament. And I always wondered why the devs of the last insurgency never added any new firearms through out the games life span. Now with this new setting it would be a disservice to the community to not add new firearms. Personally i think some should be added with every patch. Now I am no developer but I can't see it being that difficult adding new ones every once and awhile. Anything ranging from old WW2 era rifles/MGs, to newer variants like the MG3, Mk48, RPK, M240. I find I have a low attention span and change my guns atleast 2-3 times a match so this is entirely self serving to me haha. But the MG3 would be a fucking wicked addition.

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First off if the
Armor values If they're going to stay the same, I'd love there to be an injury system, such as Escape from Tarkov. Nothing is more aggravating than shooting an AI/Player and the only ill effect from have a 7.62 his their breastplate is a hit indicator on the victims screen. I'd love to hear an audible gasp for air or better flinching implemented to reduce the chance of accurate returning fire to the shooter. The penalty should be severe even though you plates just caught a round. Because let's be honest here you're gonna get knocked on your ass when you take a round to the plate.
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This is the games chance to shine, good COOP will be this games major standout from the rest of the shooters on the market. Personally I would love to see the AI move like a team instead of mindless drones running to an objective. AI should be worked on to surround objectives they're attacking, utilize cover and more importantly portray middle eastern combat. I find it sad enough the devs opted out of portraying real life events. We want immersion and we want realism. It is not by any means hard to see hours of combat footage for an example of combat in the middle east. The insurgent AI should act as real life counterparts. As in indiscriminately shooting, no armor but vast in numbers. Also add more combat chatter I'd love to hear Alloha Snackbars and Tackbirs but I'm doubtful that'd appease the PC police.
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PVP Match Length
1 round per faction is not long enough, I think a minimum of 2 rounds per side would be perfect.

Take notes from RO2
I am a big Rising Storm fan, and the sustained combat is very addictive. You guys have the ground work all set up fro large scale battles. Make some bigger maps, add some more vehicles and make a freaking conquest game mode! This would make the game so much more fun and bring in so many players.