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@mefirst said in My Insurgency BR idea:

In the end you also want a BR mode that is not a BR mode. How would that attract more players?

Hey, thanks for putting together a constructive post.

I don’t want BR in the way it’s currently implemented.
I just had to liken it to BR because that’s probably the most similar game mode out there.

I still think there’s a market for people to tap into that’s a squad v squad v squad...etc game mode without the rng looting an zone shrinking.

Personally I would wait until console release and the game to be much more polished before dropping this.

“Apex and fortnite are ftp”; I would have a free weekend with its launch. Or even make that game mode free to play so it good advertising.

And to that “Ambush lover” wait and see how the numbers for sandstorm increase when that game mode drops.
You have to think outside the box and try something, otherwise it’s staying dead.
And I want this game to succeed.

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So this my repost from September 2018 in the "closed Beta" section of the forum.

people were/are anti-BR. "It's dying". Hopefully after Apex Legends launch people think a bit differently now.

I hate the, looting and rng of BR, but i love the squad v squad combat.
My idea is to remove the things i hate and keep the things i love.
No looting, No rng. Just balanced action.

here's my post:

2: Content
Even with 6 maps i don't feel like there is enough content for the game at full launch.
I've heard some people say add Ambush. (never played it so wont comment).

but the most common fps game mode is BattleRoyale.
(I've played pubg, roe, cod4, fortnite)

So here's my pitch on an insurgencySS style BR.
TLDR; squads enter safe-house objectives to survive each "zone", there's always less safe-house objectives than teams alive each zone until 1 team is left.

Only 4-man squads.
same insurgency role layout, 1 sniper, 2 rifle, 1 breacher.
no jumping out of a plane/bus, either pick you spawn location like roe, or its randomly computer generated.
you are security, everyone else looks like insurgents.
count down timer between each "zone"

yes you can be knocked and revived by a team mate. you can be revived once before getting "resupplied"

so the way the "zone" works is after your team is spawned, objectives will appear on the map, the obj will be a "safe house" there will be many objectives, so if 12 teams are spawned, maybe 8 objectives.
You need to take control of an objective before the (a10 raid, nerve gas whatever) comes and wipes out everyone left outside.
Next wave there's 8 teams and 4 objectives, then 4 teams and 1 objective etc.
(numbers can be tweaked but you get the idea).

After each (a10 raid/nerve gas wave) a resupply crate opens up inside the objective, you can change role, resupply etc, get full health and get your 1 knock per life back.

The game ends when there's 1 team left. which could be before anyone even reaches the last obj depending on your strategy.

To have it on such a big scale you would have to make a new map, but maybe trial on a smaller scale with 8 teams 3 obj, then 3 teams 1 obj next wave would work on a current map like hideout or crossing.

So that's my idea for some extra content, i guess now we know we are having a rotating Arcade mode that this could potentially be put into there. in a future update.

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I understand with the player count allowing people to only pick the maps they want will increase wait time, but playing the same maps over and over is frustrating.

Allow us to remove 2 maps from the queue, that still leaves a lot of maps left over for you to match us in.
It shows you Devs if people don't like certain maps.
If someone keeps getting put in the same map, then they can select it as their "opt out map" when they have had enough of it, instead of logging off.


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We have profile stats.
They can be displayed on a leader board.
Individual stats can be grouped into teams for a team leader board.

In terms of competition etc community run leagues are best doing that and NWI can support them if they choose.

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I have not had the gamma bug since changing this setting to off.

(Jundur/Waiting room/Snake, it's my birthday tomorrow so you can buy me a present if this works)

0_1547814319710_gamma bug fix.PNG

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@turyl you may disagree, but the fact that you can use a 2x with flechettes means your wrong.
Try it.

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Here’s another thought.

The hitscan/ballistics system makes any shots in under 0.1seconds from mouse click hitscan.
After that it works on ballistics. (Correct me if I’m wrong).
Maybe this is what’s making the one shot kill guns even more powerful because they are always operating with hitscan and not ballistics.

What happens if I go single fire and tap really fast? All hitscan?

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The games broken when there’s 20odd weapons to choose from but only 4 get picked in competitive.

I’d prefer if only the m4, akm, m24, Mosin and handguns where the only guns available. Breacher and rifleman can have same weapons but different accessories/nade options and supply points.
However I understand I’d be in the minority in trying to bring back AA2.5 instead of allowing insurgency to be insurgency.

Some ideas from my friends and I;
-remove flechettes
-the FAL should cost more
-FAL should have more recoil
-move svd and ebr to the sniper class
-remove svd and ebr

I use all these weapons when I play because of how good they are, so I’m not hating on them, just think they’re too strong and aren’t good for competitive.

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@kraeyq nice, is that also location based?