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That's cool news. Will Mudrunner USA a new game or a DLC?

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I really like the DLC but please add new Trophies for further additional contents. Thanks! 🙂

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Will there also be new Trophies/Achievements for the DLC?

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@8up-local said in Suggestions for DLC contents:

would agree things need to be fixed and addressed first, but one thing is for sure. it would be nice if all DLC's are free.

The first DLC will be free. That's really awesome. Have you alread seen the screenshots?

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Thank you so much for this awesome news. I really can't wait for the DLC.

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Hello guys!

I started this topic to start a list with ideas for future updates and/or DLC contents. I know that the game is very new and that there are technical issues that need to be fixed first but I think that the publisher appreciates good ideas and probably they will add some stuff that is often requested by the community.

  • new maps
  • new challenges (probably even challenges for the multiplayer mode; challenges that can be only done together with other players)
  • new trucks
  • add different seasons and seasonable weather
  • snow would be very nice (especially if the conditions on the road would change then as well)
  • different wheels (probably snow chains)
  • car radio
  • traffic (other trucks that even cross the road, probably you can help them or get help from them)
  • mod support for consoles if this is possible
  • animals
  • more trophies/achievements

I hope that some of these ideas will be updated or a part of a future DLC.


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