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@chaton said in Fear The Wolves - Fourth Update Releases Next Week:

@rhialto Hey, there are two ways to break wood barrier: axe and explosive grenade!

Make sense...

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@stemiplays I know there was an axe already, I ever mention it has a new skin which looks great. I was also asking if only the axe could break wood barrier or a few shotgun rounds can also do it but as usual I could not hope to get an answer, they don't interract with the community.

@uwagacyjanki Difficulty level was great to me, anything harder can make it boring to me. I mean you drop, have to rush find stuff and it's a mess if a few are near you could be dead in less than a minute. Then once you are equipped you need to walk you way watching all around because we can die very quickly, sometimes a few it and with having time to react you are dead. Then anomalies, wolves, etc. Enough already to care about until you find the escape spot where you better be cautious.

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Not sure about an axe for locked places... and only axes? Now primary objective for many will be hunting for an axe?

Hidden stashes, maybe... I think it was fine to hunt for good guns already then focus on not being spotted. Taking too long to find decent stuff may be frustrating, this is not S.T.A.L.K.E.R. so I hope everything is well balanced.

I thought you would focus more on polishing what's already there, not add. Like I see the new look of the axe, that is nice.

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So because I speak french you think I'm from EU? LOL!

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Well, my native language being French I don't think I stand a chance.

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Crazy, isn't? Maybe a big decision is coming, like they are totally replanning distribution...

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Where is Focus? Focused on what to do with this title maybe because they have no more ideas to bring in more players? Maybe if communication was DAILY there would be more talk about it? We have heard of 3rd update then nothing...

I liked what I've played so far and I'm disapointed to see nothing happen. Maybe try to hook up something with Humble Monthly so more people would get to play, if people like they will talk about it and so on...

But for sure you are way too quiet on Forums here and Steam, Discord, Twitter, etc.

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After the 3 initial intros we get the Loading Lobby screen with the square blinking in bottom right corner then after a few seconds it either crash to desktop or get in game but says no account on server or something like that (message in red at the bottom). You should look into this because it's annoying, game needs to load properly 100% of time.

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Curious to have a look at the update I fired up the game. Started all well and I was happy with my loot so far then I met 2 guys working together, no way I could escape alive. This is really frustrating.

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@t-r-i-x said in Fear The Wolves - New Update Releases 17th September:

Next Weekend u can Play too...

What I meant is that there would have been probably more players this weekend if they were able to deliver Friday... it was supposed to be earlier this week anyway.

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