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NWI said in "Patch 1.1.4 Released"

We’d also like to say we’ve decided to take a community-first approach to Sandstorm’s post-release content development. We will soon be polling the community to identify on which areas, features, and content players feel our team should focus. As always, we will continue scouring the forums and monitoring social media for community feedback. All of these channels of community to dev communication are of course still important and taken into account. We encourage players to continue provide constructive feedback for our team by following our community posting guidelines.

So any chance you might consider this as an area/feature that your team should focus on? 😁

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@maa_bunny Indeed, I had already mentioned that above and either way works. Although technically you would want the sun to be in the Southish somewhere depending on the time of day (and location in the world), not that I've checked the sun is in the south on the current maps but I care far more about the top of the map pointing north than the sun being in the south 😛

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@zwenkwiel While yes this is true, most game engines force the top of the map to be north by default but Ins: Sandstorm doesn't follow this and from what I can tell, the way up the minimap is shown must be down to the mapper as while the right side of the map is North on some maps (like Farmhouse), some others have the left side of the map is north and so on. As such it shouldn't be that hard to either change the way up the minimap is shown, or at the very least change the compass so North is up on the way the minimap is shown now.

If there is a reason why it can't be changed it would be nice to hear what that reason is from NWI at the very least.

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@gsg_9_lightning said in Map Top Should be North...:

But to be honest, i never look at the minimap when somebody makes a call out for enemy contact.
Just have a look on the marker on your compass and you know where the threat is.
The call outs for enemy contact mostly refer to close and mid-ranges and therefore don´t need a look into the minimap.

Until now i never had the situation that ingame the commander or any other player wanted to attack/meet at a special point,
so that i had to look on the minimap where this location might be.

For me the minimap is absolutely unnecessary in Sandstorm !
This is not ARMA3 where you have to navigate through a very large area to reach your attack point.

I can see where you're coming from lightning and ye, for the ingame callout system that marks the direction on the compass itself looking at the map is pointless. But I'm talking about spotting targets over voice coms where someone might say "enemy RPG 50m west of my position", then the only way to find that target, is first finding where they are on the map (if they are a friend in your party they are finally a unique colour on the minimap, but they can also call out the cords of their location) and then extrapolating from there where the enemy is, which is pretty quick if you do not have to work out which way is north when looking at the map. I personally use the map a lot, even when not playing with friends and
just talking over the ingame voice comms with random pubbies to spot and receive target locations.
Many of my friends have even given up with the compass as a result of this and just say "let's flank far left", even thou in other games they always use compass directions, since even thou there is a chance of confusion from that, it is still far easier and quicker, and tbh less chance of confusion, than everyone trying to work out the compass directions they are on about if they use one.

So ye while many players may never use the map or compass to spot and identify target locations or w/e, I still feel they would benefit from the map being the right way up for the few times they may look and it and especially if they only very occasionally need to find a compass point from it, as without knowing the map is the wrong way up and slowly learning which way up each map is, putting avg players at even more of a disadvantage than competitive players who will learn each map's compass directions over time off by heart.

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It is very common in the modern world that all maps are depicted with the top pointing north, and Insurgency is basically the only game I can think of that goes against this universal method of presenting its map....

With the top of the map not pointing north, trying to communicate compass bearings is made seriously hard as your only source of reference to the compass, is the compass itself, and then you have to spend more time and energy you don't have in the middle of a firefight working out which way is N, S, E and W before you can even begin to identify where someone might be talking about a target you need to know, which probably by that time the target has already moved or shot you...

To put this into context, this is how a world map would probably be shown in Ins:
alt text

And while it may look odd to look at now we are used to the map being the wrong way up, here is how the map "Farmhouse" should look, where before it had West at the top and now it has North as it should be.
alt text

Seriously this is my biggest gripe with this game and I can see no logical reason why the maps shouldn't be the correct way up ingame.

Please up-vote and bump the topic if you agree as I have already made one topic on this subject in the past and it has gone even thou everyone appeared to agree with it, and this is the biggest thing I want to see changed in the game and I'm sure many others do too!

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