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I have it, I'd like to say I'm glad I bought it. In some ways I'm glad I did but do I use it daily like other games I have, no! I stopped using it and perhaps when/if they add maps in the Workshop I'll return to it. I sure won't ever trust the Devs on another game if this never appears. I'll also make sure the world knows about it. Once bitten, twice shy, a third time never happens and Spintires becomes a one hit wonder, not Mudrunner-just a clone with some bling added. I'd suggest nobody else buy it until and if promises are fulfilled. I wouldn't even mod for it but continue with Spintires.

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Christmas sales soon then January. Keep watching, you never know. As one sale stops the next one begins these days. Unless they make adequate advances and changes with MR they will have to reduce the price to make up for lack of sales anyway. Has it been quite the hit Spinrunner turned out to be yet?

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I read that the addition of Maps to the Workshop was to be a priority. With this in mind I hope the first major update does not bypass it and it slowly becomes another "over the next hill" addition that never happens. Personally I don't think at least one of the Devs wants them to appear in the Workshop.

This addition alone would signal a big challenge to the nay sayers in the old Spintires. At the same time I think modders waiting in the wings would see it as a signal to start working on Mudrunner Mods. Look at ETS2 and how that has thrived over the years, still releasing DLC's and Mod Makers adding to the many contributions but the core program remaining under control by the same Devs who created it and still expand on it. The users either adopting the mods or just the base game.

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I have Mudrunner and Spintires. Love using them both but Mudrunner lost some impetus once the included maps were done. I think it was a mistake not to have modded maps available in the Workshop from Day 1 or the possibility for people to add them. This game has the possibility to be HUGE with Mods from the public, that is if the Devs don't treat it as their baby and lock it down.

At the moment I am back to using the old Spintires only. Mudrunner has gone dead in the water for me. I'd much prefer to use it but progress seems really slow and I begin to wonder if this is by design ie the Dev wants it his way only and will not open it up. Anyway, I'll continue to use Spintires for now and see what the future brings.

Add your thoughts as you wish, please no out and out attacks on Mudrunner from digruntled Spintires owners. This is a Mudrunners forum, if you're not part of it then please leave, the content is not for you.

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I'd love to see Bailey Bridges in game too. Go up to a river and create your own bridge. Maybe as a main route or even as a shortcut. They don't need a crane. Unlock them at the garage perhaps. Or a separate building with them in but maybe not on every map.

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Leave the start area with no trailer on. It is that which gets you into trouble. Turn right and cross at the top end where the Lumber area is. First off get the garage opened by unlocking any vehicle that can give 4 points without using a trailer. Use the 2nd garage to add a trailer if you wish but it's better to use a large vehicle that takes medium logs with no trailer.Take your time, no rush, try to keep at 90 degrees to the current and throttle wide open. The minute you release it you are most likely a gonner. You cross empty at the top end and cross loaded at the bottom end furthest away from the lumber area where you loaded up.

Once you get the bigger vehicles unlocked use one that doesn't require a trailer but still fills with medium logs. Yes you can do it with a trailer but it makes life so much harder. Drive to the opposite end from the Lumber area on the same side of the land. If you can have a fuel truck and repair truck handy that helps, use them just before you cross on the lumber run out across the water. Look at a piece of land that juts out just to the right of the road. Use this to cross to the nearest bit of land and keep repeating this with bits of land by hugging close up to them. You will weave in and out and see little bits of road so you know you are on the right route. Take it slowly and if your truck leans right then turn your front wheels right and drive forwards slowly to counteract the lean. Keep going for tracts of land that save you taking wide open areas of water with a strong current, only do them when you really have to. By looking for these bits of land you still stay in the water but close to the land where there is no current or undertow. Honestly, this is real easy once you master this route just once! Just take your time and be careful, it's not a race.

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I really like Mudrunner. Towing a medium log trailer it now behaves really well when reversing. The graphics are good and it does what it says on the tin.

However, I definitely do not like the loopy GUI. The winch is awkward to use and really on a wrong button on the controller. Their are many situations where pressing X to end the winch would be far better than the present arrangement. The controller itself should have the possibility of user changes to the way it is set at default. The camera is just crazy and worse than Spintires original.

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According to what I read he said he had no interest in Mudrunner, would not be purchasing it and did not want it. I seriously doubt we will get it from him. But someone with the same skill set may come up with one instead, with any luck. I can do Visual Basic but not done anything else of any magnitude or set Plugins. I think the core game values remain the same but may have changed names/locations anyway.