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I am an ADMIN on several custom servers, so I know they are up, but I cannot see them. Even when added to favorites. I have to refresh over and over and over, etc..., to get them to show. I spent 15 mins yesterday refreshing to finally pull up a newly added server, that friends were already playing on. When I refresh the server list I get huge ranges in the amount of servers I find, 30-120. Even with 120 found, I have never seen all 6 servers I have on favorites. For those that don't have the IP's this can be a terrible experience. I have friends that never have this issue, where I have it every time.

Ryzen 2700
RX 580 8G
100% SSD
16 GB ram 3000
Win10 -up to date

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I have disabled all in game graphics with my Radeon settings. I than launch the game from Radeon and this has helped me a bunch. It seems to degrade over time but a game relaunch, again from Radeon, seems to fix it. I still run it on low, but get FPS as high as 130. I am no developer, but this tells me the issue is in the games graphic settings.

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I have an RX580 8gb and since the Nov 8th update this game has been unplayable with micro-stutter. I just used my Radeon settings to override the game settings and so far (only one game) no stuttering. This may not be true for all maps. Time will tell, but for now it seems the problem is internal to Sandstorms GPU settings.

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@wolfram said in Feedback on 4.20 patch:

Next problem found:
Holographic sight is blacked out in hipfire view when the 2x magnification scope is added.

This is not a bug. It was done on purpose, since you cannot see through your optic in hip fire. PPL were exploiting this.

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That me every game, every server. However this only happened after the Nov 8th patch, before I was fine, just a low fps.

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Nov 14th patch made it playable at times on ultra-low settings. If I don't get a server with a really low (30-50 ping) stable ping, the stuttering keeps it unplayable.

This is sad, since I was able to run it on high at 30-80 fps pre-Nov 8th patch.

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The original game ran ok for me, now its unplayable.

Ryzen 3 1300 OC
RX580 8gb
8gb ram 2600

Before patch
50-60 FPS high settings, low scope
smooth game play, just low fps

After patch
80-90 FPS med settings. low scope
micro stutters every time I get near a BOT and about every 20-30 secs.

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Hotfix, fixed nothing. Massive ping spikes and stuttering every time a BOT gets near me and other random times. I don't get it, it ran fine for me before, just with low FPS 50-70, now its 80-90 and crap.

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So I waited a few hours and finally tried a round. Was showing 80 FPS and my screen was nothing but laggy jittery garbage. Try to run around an object only to see it appear right in my face, over and over and over. Dear God my favorite and most anticipated game is dying before official launch. 😱