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@dan4762 When i launch thru the spintires mod it just says loading twice and it loads forever. Whats wrong?

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Sounds cool. You talked about licensed trucks, does that mean that the facelifted trucks will be replaced with the real ones? There is one thing you should do to the game, synchronise the multiplayer game so that other players deform the ground on your screen as well.

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@mr-t Apart from that facelifted grill which just doesn`t look good

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@8up-local If you play on map mods, yes the game will reset itself and you will have to change the config files again, but the progress is saved.

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@fabio-brasil I understand that but, The game have been on Pc for 4 years and you can get a lot done in that time but they have been really time consuming. So we are again complaining about that the game is so similar to spintires that is a thing to laugh about.

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@mr-t But look at what i wrote: Logging in mind. I didn`t write that it is described and just a logging game. But to complete the game you are requierd to move logs from one place to another. You arent requierd to remove watchpoints and unlock all of the garages. So i understand what you mean, but when logging is playing such a role part of the game, it is kind of a logging game.

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@fabio-brasil We complain about the developing process. Its been 4 years since spintires was released and yes, there a major differences from the first release of spintires on now in mudrunner. But now they have released a game way to similar to spintires and a long time after we get 2 new trucks and 1 new car, but just adding new cars maps and trucks wont work after 4 years. Now what mudrunner really need is a storyline which can give a little story to each truck and car ingame exampe that the Zil 131 have been a major peace of the puzzle to the work done in chernobyl. This kinda stuff and a storyline that put us in it as well, like in GTA,where you are actually a part of something ingame. But unless devs are going to listen to us that might never happen. Hopefully you understand what we PC gamers are a bit fed up of now.

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@rhs It is a logging game cause what you are talking about are the new challenges and that is not the main goal of the game to visit grandma and drive a lifted UAZ on a mountain side. But when you buy a game with logging in mind, dont come and complain 5 minutes after about it being a game with logging in mind.

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Hi Pavel! I am a previous spintires owner and i bought spintires just after relase and it was anazing.The only thing that sucked was the camera. But you cant disagree about the fact that the game was kinda just laying in the shed for the intire time. Just one really improving update and thats about it. After that update the game have been pretty much untouched.

After a while i discovered the announcement of mudrunner which was supposed to bring back spintires game in the light. I was super pumped to play it and i preordered it right away on steam. When it was finaly released i played it for a while and was actually rather sad and dissepointed of the really small changes to the game. Not even ONE NEW MAP!? You have completely missed the point of remaking a good game and making us pay for something that is so close to the first game that i start to shink if you could have sticked to spintires and just impoved that game instead of making a new one so similar it would have been much better.

One thing that really drives me nuts is the fact that multiplayer and achivements are disabled when you get so sick of the same maps that you download a map from a website and you find yourself with those two things disabled. Why?
One last thing. Why are the grills fake. I know that it is because of copyright but the original game had everything from the real thing. Again why? Would like to get some answers so if you read this dev please answer. But dont quit the development. We are just giving you some advice from our point of view to make the game better.