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You said the EE was going to be for the end of december.

You don´t release the EE, today is 15 of January and only we have is absolutely silence...

You don´t have time to do a Comunication?

Shame, shame on you.

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I don´t care about console.

Console players didn´t pay nothing yet.

I pay for this game 40 euros more than one year ago...

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Focus Interactive sold us the game more than one year ago.

A broken game.

We have been patient for more than one year, even with the lack of comunication of DEVS and the Comunity Manager who was MIA all the time.

In the first year, i told other players to be patient, to trust in the Emperor, but at the end, truth always win. We have a false Emperor, Focus Interactive goes Heretic.

We told you many times to care the Comunity, and you just deaf ears.

The one who warns is not a traitor. Now me and other players of this Comunity, will go other forum and tell what happens here.

We will tell them to not buy never a game developed by FOCUS "HERETIC" INTERACTIVE.

P.D. I have copies of this post, you can delete if you want, i will send to another brother and he will post again.

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@mefirst said in Release details?:

I posted this already on steam, but I doubt that the devs, the community management or the publisher cares about the forums over there. Well I doubt that they care at all but maybe they will at least read this and one day maybe even learn from this. I am sure I am not the only who feels like this now.

I was stupid enough to trust the developers and the publisher that they would be willing and capable of delivering a somewhat decent game. I did not expect a masterpiece. Something along the quality of Vermintide in 40K would have been enough for me. My first mistake was to pre-order the game and so I put my trust any money into it.

I played the beta versions of the game and I was disappointed a lot. The game was extremely buggy and the gameplay itself also felt bad. So I waited for the release of the game and when it came out I was disappointed again. It felt like the game still needed at least half a year of development and it was released unfinished and broken.

Then the announcement for the EE came and I made my final mistake in having hope that they would improve the game. I am aware that this is all business and I think that the games release was rushed because the development of the game needed more money/time. I have been waiting for months for the EE and the "communication" in the last couple of months is extremely terrible. I have no trust or hope that the developer and publisher are capable or willing to develop the game to a state that the game and the customers deserve.

I know that my chances are slim to get a refund on steam for this but I will try anyway. Who knows, maybe if enough people attempt to get a refund there is a chance. I don't think we can get our money back but I can also only hope that the players remember this very well when future games of the developer and the publisher come out. Don't put your trust in the products of these people.

Totally agree.

We will not get a refund 99,99% but we can move and do something to prevent other players of buying a game of this developer.

All of us will sign for sure.

I will move in lot of forums and webs, in the same way, i moved at the beginning to let people know this game and tell them to buy...

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@astaroth said in FOCUS DELETING POSTS THEY DON'T LIKE!!!!!:

Dark Angels are patient. In the darkness they have stood as the centuries are consumed.
Heretics are easily turned to chaos.

The whispers from the darkness.
The need, lust and agony.
All have single root



We have been patient for more than one year...

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Maybe, if we start to use bad words, they appear, even for ban us in the forum...

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@sgt-snoke-em said in Do you see Enhanced Edition? I'm not.:

I wonder what Games Workshop thinks about all this?

as in Disney to EA if anyone remembers that one?

Good point.

We paid 40 euros more than a year ago.

We should start moving this.

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" Do you see Enhanced Edition? I'm not"

I even don´t see a topic with info about that.

Finally, DEVS go heretic, they became Chaos.

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It´s a pity we can´t do refund at this point.

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