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About me

Makin' mods for 3+ years
Maps n' all

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Droppin' in and wanted to thank everyone for the 10k Views! It means the world to Redneck and I Both. Thank you so much.

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Don't steal. Its not illegal, but it is not the right thing to do. Take code from the stock trucks.

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Hey guys, im back!

On the New pc right now. I will be able to now post better photos with better graphics.

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For the next few days, I’ll be out and about building my new pc. I’m selling my old one (that was lower spec) and going to start buying and building.


For what I do, it’s a beast that can get 60 FPS in almost all games.

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It takes longer than you think to code that stuff. He may be gone like you said, or he could be just planning something big. Who knows lol

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@countonvine most Modders Will not convert there mods to console! Easy as that people. Buy a Computer instead of modders doing more work for no money.

It’s almost impossible to get mods on console btw

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