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Join my patreon! I spend dedicated hours on my 3D models and my YouTube videos. By joining my Patreon, you can help me achive my dream goal of making professional 3D models and sharing them with the world. The money collected from my Patreon isn't waisted, it is all used for purchasing high end equipment to make videos and mods, and for program fees. Members of my Patreon get exclusive access to mods and 3D models that are not yet released, and get to help and criticize my works before they are released. If you will, please join me on this journey.


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modeled a new roof rack.

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May I ask where you are buying all of these cards that keep dying on you?

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Is there any protections the devs could put on the game to be safe from programs like ninja ripper?

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True true. What are you going to do though since other people have been selling your own work?

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Heres the remodeled undercage bottom thing

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Hello all.

It seems that this discussion has been getting a little violent and threatening towards each other. Let's please keep it peaceful in here, and if you need help please ask it in a nice, calm way instead of bashing at everyone. In addition, spamming is not allowed at all here on the focus forums, as stated here. Anybody else who shares a download link to this mod on this thread other than @invalidredneck will have administrative actions taken on there account due to the suspicion of the original download link. We do not want anybody downloading any viruses or Trojans, so leave it to @invalidredneck to handle the file uploading.

Before you go bashing at me for being an abusive moderator, just remember that any threads complaining publicly about moderators will be locked and deleted and the individual posting them will be dealt with accordingly.

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@SmarOneNine said in Risky and Redneck's Modded Workshop:

Risky did you take that motor out of a Semi Truck? Damn that's Huge lol

Lmao no its just huge 🤣