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@aureliovr said in How to move axles positions?:

I have a similar problem

0_1539916632041_20181018232727_1.jpg image url)
with the fixed suspension
setting the suspension in the xml file is like this in the game, I already changed several height but never stays with the wheels, but move with them
how do I make the suspencao frame move along with the suspencao1 and suspencao2?

Why do you have almost everything in groups? Obviously nothing is going to work if it is in groups, you have to use the collapse selected button where you reset the x-form, because 3ds max groups dont work well with the game, and that is why your stuff ain't workin

It's all descirbed in stetson's video so you might wanna check that out... he goes into detail on all of the coding, how to do it, and in addition, what to do and what not to do. Also, make sure that every single bone is as long as the axle (even the middle bone / chassis bone) Idk if it does anything but i've always done it.

EDIT: Also it seems that you do not have your axles skinned, it just seems like they are grouped in the bone's structure. Try moving the bone up and down in 3ds max and tell me if it does anything. If it does, than it is a code error that you need to fix. If it is not moving, however, then you need to reskin (or even skin) the axles and all of the suspension again. Going on to youtube and checkin' out stetson's tutorials will help you in the long run man

BTW how a bone works is that the bone is the parent (and that is the name for it) and the axle or suspension skinned to it, is the child. Whatever happens to the parent (the bone) happens to the child (suspension or axle)

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Yea all i had to do was unskin everything skinned to the bone and move the bone to the center of the axle, cause my bone was just a little bit higher than the axle which made a big difference

thanks guys

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@wrangmog so just move the postition in 3ds max or unskin em and move em and reskin em?

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@Forces what if you just skinned part of the _cdt?

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@Forces i've reseted the x-form on all of the axles (2) on the truck, yet i still cannot make the axle move into the tire slot.

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Ok i have this... @Forces is this what you are talking about

		<Axle Frame="Bone001" />
		<Axle Frame="Bone002" />
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Hey guys. As you can see from the photos below, my axles on my new rock crawler do not match up and fit on the wheels. I have yet to find a way to move just the axle. I have tried a multitude of things (like moving the bone in 3ds max, or changing the Y position in the .xml) Any help will be gladly accepted. 1_1539816470046_xlesmess.PNG 0_1539816470016_xlesmess(1).PNG

Truck code (wheel section)

<_templates Include="trucks">
<Wheel _template="FrontWheel" HardpointX="1.95" />
<Wheel _template="FrontWheel" HardpointX="1.95" RightSide="true" />
<Wheel _template="RearWheel" HardpointX="-1.75" HardpointZ="0.85" />

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5_1539731459344_crawler.PNG 4_1539731459344_crawler(5).PNG 3_1539731459344_crawler(4).PNG 2_1539731459342_crawler(3).PNG 1_1539731459341_crawler(2).PNG 0_1539731459340_crawler(1).PNG

Smoothest rock crawler i've ever made

(tires are from @Banksys_Graffiti and i have permission to use them 😉 )

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New logging trailer with logs

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ohh so both of the trailers would have the same socket name i see

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