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Sup guys.

Heres my first attempt at making the game look better. I will be trying to fix and make the textures more realistic.

Download --->0_1555822022034_DayTimes Fix.zip

General Photos:



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Heck yea man, ive already been starting to edit the daytimes to make them look realistic. For the Sounds Go to Spintires/Media.zip/sounds and there you will find the Spintires Original Game sounds.

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going out of comfort zone and building a rock crawler... based on the first photo.

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@Tattoo This is what the guide states, the code, which i already have.

@Mexican_420 All of my 3 bones are in the same place, in front of the steering shaft itself.

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Hello all.

I have posted a new fourm today to adress my issue with steering shafts. When I go to animate them, in game, this happens:


Here's the code:


On my animation, i have BoneRack, BoneRackLeft, and BoneRackRight all listed in one skin. I have BoneRackLeft with the left side (facing forward) skinned at 1, and the BoneRackRight on the right side skinned at 1. For the BoneRack, I have the middle skinned to 1 for that.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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@SmarOneNine Ok thats good. How long has the doctor said you need to rest for?

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Make sure to go check it out!

Edit: I got the sketchfab stuff working, its pretty neat.

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