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@jayson No , i havent noticed any changes either.

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Xbx same issue.
It's a minor difference between pad and wheel but still noticeable.
Especially when climbing a hill with a heavy load.

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Been waiting for a long time for this to be fixed.

I'm pretty sure @pavel admitted a while back that FFB is indeed broken and that it was gonna get fixed.

-- Edit --

@unster said in American Wilds Update 27/12/2018:

Force feedback is still dead unless the wheel is turned off and on in the controls menu.

It just got to our attention that force feedback was indeed completely broken, hehe!
Thank you for bearing this, next patch will fix that! (and improve force feedback behaviour in general too)

Next patch will further improve light vehicles performance, which I think is one of the most important things patches can do at this point, given the amout of said vehicles in workshop.

Best regards,

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Looks all very nice, but as @zamal said. Consoles slow game developing down.

I'm currently still on the BrickBox, but a pc is in the making.

I've been on consoles for about 15 to 20 years by now and had a great time. Unfortunately my standards for quality and freedom changed over the last few years and the consoles can't not provide anymore what I desire.

Consoles are great for easy of the shelf gaming. But I simply want more.

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@diggydog said in G29 - how to use virtual shifter and diff?:

On a vaguely related topic, has anyone built a "console" to mount the wheel and shifter so they can be used while sitting in a recliner in the living room? I'm going to look at some custom and factory made photos and see if I can come up with something. I use my PS4 in the living room from my recliner so a large race car style unit is out of the question but I'm hoping I can build something. First thing I noticed just trying it today for the first time is that if I set it on a board across the arms of the recliner it feels too high.

I do have a G920+shifter and mounted it on a 2nd hand Ikea desk(€15). I sit in an Ikea LazyBoy and for me it's perfect. To be honest though... i am a rather small dude, maybe that is why it fit so well.
I am however gonna build a rig for my bucket seat in time.
Because I.m.o. it just looks better. My whole living room is currently setup around my gaming territory. But, First things first, a decent PC!!!

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@deathcoreboy1 said in 6 Maps and the challanges... and now?:

@Unster @Sodoma @justinlynch3 I was wondering... in the PC version of the game, you can manually install mods including the mod files into the file and replacing whatever is to replace. So, if you're able to access the game files into, let's say the XBOX version of the game and include the mod files into the file... would it work? Go easy on me... I'm a PC tec but never ever had a console of my own so I might have said something stupid. I'm curious if anybody has tried that.

It can be done but ..... you need CFW ( custom firmware ), like the COBRA CFW back in the day for the PS3 , this however is considered 'tempering' and will result in a ban. Especially on the Xbox. Microsoft really does not like it when you fiddle with their consoles.

If you really want to mess around with it, then I really do recommend to stay offline, at least until the OFW ( original firmware ) is back on it.

Simply put , yes, it can be done. It's not easy and not legal by PSN and Live code of conduct.

To be able to run mods you basicly just gonna have to invest in to a pc. It's easier, more power full and way more 'freedom'.

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@unster there was a '?' behind the word 'test'.
I must have hit 'backspace' and 'enter' at the same time. My bad!

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Not sure if this is legit ...?

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@mudwamper said in Partial Sound Loss:

@rlcn-cargamer Actually that worked! Haven't lost sound since making sure to switch to Stereo before launching the game. THANKS!!

No problem man. 👍