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I mentioned this during the last beta but it is still a problem. The only way to level up and get skills and upgrades is through ranked (multiplayer) this is a problem because I hate multiplayer and I know many people agree with me. I do not want to play multiplayer and that means that I will not get any skills and upgrades which kills replay ability. If you could make it where skirmish and ranked upgrades and skills are seperate, than you will not have anyone abuse the skirmish mode to get them and it allows the people who hate multiplayer, like myself, to have fun and enjoy the game to its fullest.

Small little thing real quick, if you do what I said in my post, I hope you do not just give us the skills and upgrades because I would love to unlock them myself but do it through skirmish insted of multiplayer.

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As someone who has played a lot of Necrons in both Skirmish and Multiplayer (that still does not mean I like multiplayer if you have seen my personal post about forced multiplayer) The necrons are powerful, able to take down an imperial ship's shields in 1 to 2 vollys (spelling) and having 100% accuracy on weapons. They can also regenerate health overtime. Because of this, all of their ships are overpriced for balance.

Problems in terms of what are supposed to be problems

  • No shields
  • Few in number
  • low maneuverability

Problems in terms of poor balancing

  • They feel like glass cannons insted of overpowered tanks (I die really easily)
  • medium wapon range with poor close range protection when all offensive abilities are close range
  • The repairing does not help at all and is not noticeable
  • The gas cloud ability is close to useless because you need to get away and the only way to get far enough away is to teleport but you need to teleport to get close for star pulse or get way after star pulse so it will be on cool down.

Possible fixes

  • Give the ships more health or armor. This will allow for them to go close range and use close range abilitys without loosing 75-80% health (happend to me on multipule occations with thier battleship)
  • Give them 1-2 more point on regeneration (if it is raised too much it will be overpowered but if not raised at all, you should just get rid of it.)
  • decreace the cooldown on the teleport by 10-20 seconds (based on balancing) but maybe decreace the percentage reload gives it (depending on balancing)

I am not a game developer but I have played way too many games so you can either dissmiss this, take it with a grain of salt, or think of this as the 3rd testement. all I know is that the necrons need balancing and I hope you (Tindalos) fix them soon.

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I wrote this in the quick start guide but have decided to make this a bit more of an official report. In order to level up to get skills or upgrades, you have to play multiplayer. I do not like multiplayer in anygame, ecpecially RTS, so this feels unfair to me and I am sure it feels unfair to others who do not like multiplayer. I hope this can be addressed with an ai skirmish mode that is unrelated to the multiplayer leveling (AI skirmish mode level 5 of necrons-multiplayer mode level 0 necrons(cause i don't like multiplayer 🙂 ))
I thank you for your time and hope this addressed before launch, the second beta, or (depending how hard that would be to implement) before the end of this beta.

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I have a big problem with one part of this and I know others will too. Is the only way to unlock skills through multiplayer or will this be changed in the final release? I do not like multiplayer and avoid it like the plauge but if I do this (in the beta and hopefuly not in the full game) than I will not be able to use many of the skills. I hope this will be changed in the final game for us haters of multiplayer and possibly even for the January beta.

(ps. sorry for the spelling errors, it is 12am for me right now)

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