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As some of you know Spintires:The Original Game has gotten an update adding a few new goodies into the game like engine fan, better rpm calculations, weather and power steering pump sounds. Im sure with editing the .lua files you can add these features to Mudrunner but how ive tried and it breaks the sounds for the trucks in the game. If any one would like to help or start a project to add these in to Mudrunner private message me but for now if any one has tips please share , thanks!

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Ive tried with every combination of DLC all of them just one of them at a time etc and still the issues continues with DLC, no DLC, with Mods, No mods still crashes.

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Ive been screwing with this game for a solid two days over this issue, when i launch the game i get the typical "Focus" loading intro and all that but then it crashes to the desk top my first thought was maybe i have a mod the game does not like so i removed all mods install through the work shop and in the game files(media folder) and still crashes in the same way, after this did not fix my issues i used steams "Verify integrity of game files" which it didn't find anything finally i manually deleted every trace of the game from my computer and reinstalled and still crashes on the loading screen video. i have no clue what to do here is the crash dump maybe someone can figure it out i have no clue what to make of it, thanks. --->

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Ive noticed i small bug that when you travel at any "high speed" and hit a bump the wheels phase into the ground. Also i feel the differential needs some work, i'm sure these large 6x6 trucks dont have open differentials like they do in the game, even just adding another "DifferentialType" that is "Limited" for the xmls would be more realistic for trucks like the Ural and Kraz.

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@mudhappy Ah thank you i never noticed that but it makes sense, thank you!

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I have run into an odd issue with the cockpit camera, i have it set up it the xml properly and i have double checked in many times, but when i am in game and try to use the cockpit view it does nothing like it doesn't exist. i usually don't ask for help but i am starting to wonder if its a bug in the game or something i cant fix. here is the xml if anything is wrong please inform me so i know for the future:

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@woodingot Thats odd the link should take you directly to the Media Fire page is it possible you have addware on your pc? That all i could think of that would create this issue.

@8up-local Its almost the same mod i just used the paint bucket tool in and made it white then changed it to clear.

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This small texture change removes the grainy look you mostly see at night with the headlights on. this might break MP i haven't tested it.

How To Install: simply drop the texture in your games


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